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No description

Katja Zapolnova

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Brand

ensure audience match:

Media consumed
Shopping behaviour
Business compatibility
founded in 1856 and
producing hardwearing,
but breathable fabric
Designer Apparel
Luxury Accessories
Luxury Jewellery & Timepieces
Beauty &
Personal Care
Core Brand Values
Protect - keeping a luxury behaviour
Explore - engaging new costumers and introduce new ways of interacting with them
Inspire - creating bespoke activity that excite
quintessentially British,
with outerwear
at its core.
Digital Media Strategy
to drive REVENUE
Customer journey has grown more complex...
Google Think: Retail, UK
Display / Trading Desk
decide which creative to show to each consumer, in real time and at the impression level
deliver the most relevant product, or creative message for the individual consumer.
Benefit from programmatic marketing in the direct buys.
Drive higher engagement among consumers through individual and unique messaging
avoid overlapping and inefficiencies

Provide smarter targeting of the most expensive media
Increase ROI
Adapt internationally
Euromonitor International
Engaging consumers at every point in the customer journey
bespoke activity for each market
segment target audience i.e. existing customer
vs new customer
choose the right technology to make
better decisions in targeting
combine audience data management
and media buying
integrate own website data, social media data
& third party data.
create bespoke strategy for Prospecting
vs Retargeting
56% of consumers would
consider shopping via
online video
‘shoppable videos’
think internationally
use latest technology fully
Ad Extensions
Site links
Location extensions
Call to Call extensions
Social annotations
Seller ratings
Image Extensions
Video Extensions

Ad formats
100% Impression Share
Think differently
capitalise on events
support recent marketing campaigns
build partnerships with Search Engines globally to create exciting products
Keep an eye on the competitors
on trending topics and emerging markets
optimise for specific location,
time and device
Identify key strategic partners based on audience fit
Identify content rich sites (Comscore/Hitwise/Adplanner)
work with trusted publishers who understand the sector and follow brand guidelines strictly and at all times
identify affiliates who can work to high brand and ethical guidelines
Protect Brand Identity
Test, Evaluate, Repeat
who has experience in representing luxury brands
Choose the right tech partner
choose network which understands core objectives
Content rich sites, blogs, forums, shopping & style hubs, advice and review sites
Consider Affiliate marketing as extension of digital PR
Websites who talk
favourably about brand
are remunerated on sale,
rather than on exposure.
Mobile friendly sites
work with a platform-only solution to manage affiliate relationships more efficiently
ensure strict SLA
Use Affiliates to add value to brand objectives
test new technologies
Control Affiliate activity
PPC restrictions
no use of official URL
no bidding on Brand
no incentive sites
no masked URLs
Other types of affiliates to consider:
Paid Search
Social Media
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