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Arlyn and Victoria

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Arlyn and Victoria

Types of people
Thomas Hooker felt that governor Winthrop had a lot of power in Massachusetts. The Dutch Colony separated new England and threatened British rule in north America.
History Of Massachusetts
Type of economy
Massachusetts had a good economy. The people of Massachusetts had good land for planting crops such as tobacco and rice.
You should come to Massachusetts because our economy is perfect for farmers and also for fisherman's. But do not fret if you are a religious person for we have many churches although they are mostly catholic. But we are the best colony.
Types of Religion
The Massachusetts Colony
Reasons founded
John Winthrop found Massachusetts in 1630
The biggest Religion in Massachusetts is Catholicism. This Religion was established by puritans who discovered Massachusetts.
Why would people want to settle in your colony
History Alive
Massachusetts is a wonderful but it does have its problems like other colonies. But Massachusetts has had its little problems like The Salem witch trails. Also in Massachusetts they had a very good economy mostly for farmers and fisherman.
Massachusetts was mostly catholics at the time. Puritans who settled there in 17th century established their religion.
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