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Andrew Carnegie and the impact on America

No description

Shelby Pflugh

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Andrew Carnegie and the impact on America

Shelby Pflugh
Dunfermline, Scotland
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hired to oversee and build a bridge.
Knew that it would be impossible without a good structure.
Used tons of steel
Carnegie Steel was in business!
St. Louis Bridge, Mississippi
Carnegie Steel Company
Steel and the American People
the tools to modernize America
jobs with benefits
economic growth
Small cities became populated
Carnegie donated over 90% of his fortune to fund public facilities
Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Science Center
Hero Fund Commission
St. Louis Bridge made Carnegie Steel a high demand product
Carnegie Steel was used for:
very import for transportation!
steel structures and beams
Navy armor plates
This allowed cities to expand vertically
no more 2 story buildings-skyscrapers!
first skyscraper was in Chicago
Home Insurance Company Building
over 100,000 buildings were built after the skyscraper
Andrew Carnegie and the impact on America
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