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10 Facts about the Greek Goddess Athena

No description

Emma Schwabe

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of 10 Facts about the Greek Goddess Athena

Fact #1
Athena was the goddess of wisdom and war. She also was a patron of the arts and crafts.
Fact #2
Athena was the daughter of Zeus; no mother,she sprang from Zeus's head fully grown and clothed in armor.
Fact #3
Athena severd as a gurdian for Athens, where the Parthenon serverd as her temple.
Fact #6
Fact #7
10 Facts about the goddess Athena
Emma Schwabe
Fact #4
Athena had many different sacred symbols such as snakes, aegis, armor, helmets, spears, gorgoneion. Her main symbol was an Olive tree and her sacred animal was an owl.
Fact #5
Athens Greece was named in honor of her because they were very appreciative of her gift of the olive tree.
Athena ranks high as one of the most reowned and respected out of all gods and goddesses.
Athena was Zeus's favorite child because she was so respectful and nice to others.
Fact #8
Athena had many siblings because she was the daughter of Zeus, but all of them were her half siblings.
Fact #9
Athena was born on top of mountain Juktas located on the island Crete.
Fact # 10
Athena was a potent peacemaker, she never let emotional decisions affect her, she was powerful, intelligent, and a rational defender.
What did you learn?
I learned that Athena had no real mother, that Athens was named after her, that she was one of the most respectful god/ goddesses, and that she has many symbols and her sacred animal was a owl.
#2 What would you change?
I think i would change that she didn't have a mother i think i would want her to have a mother maybe to help her become stronger as a girl.
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