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Voyage to the americas By: Cameron Evans

No description

Cameron Evans

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Voyage to the americas By: Cameron Evans

Voyage to the Americas By: Cameron Evans
Starting the journey to America
I have decided to take a long expedition to the warm and damp climate of southern Florida, though the heat would be miserable, winter would have little effect on the people that settle there. I would need a lot of things to start my journey, Men, food, water, money and a ship big enough for the whole crew. The reason for this journey is to start a Cocao bean plantation.
The types of food
The most important part of this journey is food, what would i need? How much will I need? I would bring foods that would take a very long time before they start to mold, like salted meat and dried fruits. It would take a very long time to cross the Atlantic Ocean, so I would likely need about 4 months worth depending on the speed of the boat and wind conditions. Water is an important resource as well. I would need a good 500 gallons of water and 100 gallons of wine.
The date in which I leave England
Planning is a must when it comes to traveling the Atlantic ocean, freezing temperatures can cause icebergs to form and threaten the lives of the crew. I would probably leave a month before winter in England to beat the ice forming the the English Chanel
What type of ship I'll use
The type of ship I would use would be the "Carrack", it was a 3 to 4 masted sailing ship developed and used by the Portuguese, later used by the spanish to circumnavigate and chart the globe. The "Galleon", another type of ship from the 1600's was created from the Carrack's design. The Carrack is a storage ship that can hold a lot of passengers and food. It could hold up to 1200 tons. Some famous Carrack's included the Santa Maria, the Flo do Mar, and the Sao Gabriel.
What the Carrack loooked like
The sea route to Florida
There would be approximately 53 people on board
Personnel Chart
Supply List for Cocao Plantation
2.Cocao Tree Seeds
4.Tools for cultivating and harvesting
Planning Chart
Financial Backing: approx. 5,000 €
Hiring the crew
Gathering the supplies
Ship cost:1,464 €
Paying loans back (1 year after settlement)
Departure date: September 7, 1607
Estimated sailing time: between 48-132 days.
Duties Chart
Half of the men will help with maintenance on a six hour shift, while the other half will help with navigation also while on a six hour shift. 6 hours for maintenance, 6 hours for navigation, 12 hours for sleep.
The women will help with cooking, cleaning and other duties. the children will help with smaller jobs of making sure any rodents on the ship are dealt with.
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