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OPEN EVENING 19/11/12 Version 2

A Level PE

Marcus Coxon

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of OPEN EVENING 19/11/12 Version 2

2013-2014 A LEVEL
PHYSICAL EDUCATION WHAT DO I DO FROM HERE??? YEAR 2 Students who progress onto Year 2 will take their studies into more depth, focusing on the following 3 units: If you are interested in studying PE at A Level next year and would like to speak to someone, Linda Williams, Curriculum Leader for PE, is next door and will be delighted to speak to you... SO....WHO IS A LEVEL P.E AIMED AT? are passionate about sport... are keen to understand what gives sporting champions the psychological edge over their competitors... WHO SHOULD STUDY IT? WELL, ITS FOR STUDENTS WHO... Its likely you would have studied GCSE PE
(but you don't have to have done so)....... A Level PE
Two sports selected
60% Theory
40% Practical GCSE PE
Four sports selected
60% Practical
OF SPORT SPORTS PRACTICAL If you've heard and seen enough, apply to the college through the online or paper based system... Oh, and one last thing, revise for your GCSE's! Lots of it! GOOD LUCK IN YOUR EXAMS!! are interested in how our bodies push
themselves to their physical peak... are driven to find out how you
can improve your performance are intrigued by why nearly one billion people
would watch a single sporting event... WHAT DO WE STUDY?? ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Year 1 - AS Level Bones Muscles Heart Physiology Respiration Concepts of Fitness Anatomy and Physiology is a science based unit
that includes topics such as... Acquisition of skill is a unit that focuses on how we learn and develop sporting skills. Skills like this... and this... Of course, we focus more on 'traditional' sports and we learn how the following factors affect our learning and acquiring of skill... What we are born with... How much we practice How the coach sets
up practice... How we process
information to do
with the skill... How we give feedback Sociological Aspects of Sport provides a fascinating look into the history of sport, the importance of sport in our society as well as the issues that affect modern day sport. We will cover topics such as: Women in Sport Racism in Sport Funding of Sport Governing Bodies of Sport Drugs in
Sport Hooliganism In the Sport Practical unit you perform and evaluate your performance as a player, coach or official in two sports. You will have 1 practical session per week. and other issues like... and... EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY EVALUATING CONTEMPORARY
ISSUES SPORTS PRAC/COURSEWORK In the 2nd year, students only select one sport and complete a large piece of course work analysing personal strengths and weaknesses compared to an elite performer
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