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Are batterer intervention programs effective in reducing domestic violence ?

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Mark Krisak

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Are batterer intervention programs effective in reducing domestic violence ?

Batterer intervention programs
What is it?
These programs usually consist of educational classes or treatment groups, but may include other intervention elements such as extensive evaluation, individual counseling, or case management.
Most batterers enter intervention programs after having being charged by the police with a specific incident of abuse.
As a requirement of probation, most courts will order a batterer into such a program
Batterer Intervention Programs cont'd...
The first abuser education program in the United States was Emerge.
Emerge offers a dual face program
Amend is a program that helps a male with admitting he has a anger problem.
Types of Programs
The Duluth model- This is the most common.
Cognitive-behavioral Interventions-
Group Practices
The Duluth Model
Aims to take blame off victim and make perpetrator understand its their fault
To teach offenders alternatives to coercive, controlling, and violent behavior
Drop out rates vary by program, but research has found about half of all men assigned to attend interventions do not finish the program
Low response & high drop out rates make it difficult to properly evaluate the effectiveness of BIPs
Data is often incomplete because they rely on official records for repeat offenses rather than self-reports from both victims and offenders
Batterer Intervention Programs (BIPs) are designed for men who have committed domestic violence acts or crimes.
Justice and accountability
Victim safety
Rehabilitation and behavioral changes
Goals for BIPs:
General Questions Asked of Batterer's
Negative Effectiveness of BIP's

Broward County Florida Study and the New York study found that the actual "measurement, " of success is not a good way to determine how effective a BIP program is.

How to improve the programs..
These programs do not work in isolation.
Other programs need to feed off of each other
Build stronger foundations with the Women's groups.
Integrate Programs
BIPs will be most effective if the programming reflects the root cause of domestic violence- a desire for power and control over one’s female intimate partner.
Effective batterer intervention programs work to alter men's beliefs and attitudes toward violence and personal responsibility.
General Questions
What happens when you lose your temper?

Did you threaten to hurt or kill her?

If you were faced with an overwhelming stress, do you think you could keep your cool?
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