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Internet Safety

No description

Tara Weaver

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Internet Safety

Be thoughtful.

Be kind.


Be thoughtful
Be kind
Be careful
Be safe
How did you do?
Be careful.

Internet Safety
for Middle School Students
Be safe.

Which rule is it?
I agree not to post information and images that could put me at risk, embarrass me, or damage my future, such as:
cell & home phone numbers
home address
sexual messages
inappropriate pictures and videos
I will not:
post anything rude, offensive, or threatening
send or forward images and information that might embarrass, hurt, or harass someone
take anyone's personal information and use it to damage his or her reputation
I agree to:
ask my parent or guardian's permission before going
have a parent or guardian accompany me
meet in a public place
If someone makes me feel uncomfortable or if someone is rude or offensive, I will:
not respond
save the evidence
tell my parent, guardian, or another trusted adult
report to the website, cell phone company, CyberTipline.com, or the police
You are playing COD online when a pop up appears inviting you to enter a COD tournament in which you can win one million dollars. To sign up, you have to provide your name and address. Which rule should you follow?
Melissa, who is 15, meets John in an Internet chat room, who is also 15 years old. She thinks they have lots in common and both have problems getting along with their parents – Melissa feels it’s so nice to have a guy as a friend that understands! After many online conversations over the next three weeks, John asks her to meet him at the mall. What rule should Melissa follow?
Your friend said something to you that really hurt your feelings. Well, you figure that posting that picture of her falling on her face at the beach last summer should even the score. What should you do?
Your friend sends you a link to a website. When you click on it, you find out that it is a site to rate how cute the girls in school are. Which rule should you follow?
Some girl at school keeps sending you messages on Facebook. You do not really know her that well, so you did not respond. You have no idea why she has even started talking to you. She keeps sending the messages, and with each one, she gets meaner and meaner. What should you do?
The other day in school you had your cell phone in class and the teacher never noticed! In fact, you were able to take some video during class. Your friends did not believe you so you told them you could post the video on YouTube. Wait, which rule should come to mind?
You have been chatting with a girl who goes to a different school district. She has been really cool to talk to and she seems nicer than any of the friends you have at your school. After a while, she suggests that you meet and go bowling on a Friday night. Which rule should you follow?
You have a book report to do and you have been searching online for some resources to help you finish. You find a site that has sample essays that would really help you. The site is free and all you have to do is sign-up for an account by filling out your name, address, telephone number, and email. Well, what do you think?
Last night at your slumber party, you took a lot of pictures. While you are posting pictures online, you come across the picture of the girl who fell asleep first after everyone else drew with marker on her face. What should you do?
When you are online, someone new starts sending you messages. He asks you some basic questions that seem harmless, like your name, but then he starts to ask you some more questions that make you feel uncomfortable. What should you do?
Tara Weaver
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