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Night Runner

No description

Nicole Riding

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Night Runner

Night Runner Life will never be
normal again A: The message I took from reading this text is, things aren't what they seem. To me that's the message because Zack thought that after his dad died and he became an orphan he developed allergies to everything and thought nothing about it. But in reality he was a vampire, he became a vampire after his dad died when Vrolok bit him.

C: The titles, chapter titles, and cover illustration help me by giving me a bit more of a mental picture, and explaining what the chapter/book is going to be about. For example the title Night Runner tells you that the books going to be most likely about a vampire since vampires can't go out in the sunlight. And the cover illustration is dark and creepier then most covers, which shows the book is going to be a bit darker.

E: For me the characters affected my interpretation of the theme the most, because the way Zack acted and how the other characters acted had to do with the theme. Especially Mr. Entwistle and Zack. Also many of the things that they did or happened to them had to do with the fact that they where vampires which had to do with the theme. Reader's Response Part A Main Event Summary Main Character Bios Reader's Response Part B Mr. Entwistle




Zack Characters What They Did Why Proof Adjective He broke into the Nicholls
Ward in the middle of the night He was trying to save
Zack from his Uncle Max and
Pages 2-3 -determined
-drunk He escaped the Nicholls Ward
even tho it was dangerous He knew he wasn't safe and
wanted to find answers Pages 72-73 -scared
-nervous Helped Zack escaped after
he called for help Zack is Charlies best friend
and he sounded like he was in
dangour Pages 126-127 -curious
-brave Taught Zack how to swin Luna liked Zack and she
wanted to help him out in a
way Pages 169-170 -carefree -happy
-in love Opened the window letting
the sun shine through He wanted to kill Vrolok
before Vrolok killed him Page 249 -angry -burned
-betrayed B: The text would have changed in many ways. First off Zack (the main character) was the one in danger and if it wasn't in his point of view you wouldn't know what he felt through out the book. Second people might have confused. A lot of the time they talked about the things that happened to Zack that other character weren't involved in. Finally most of the significant parts of the story happened to Zack. If the text wasn't in Zack's point of view the story would not have been the same.

D: What the author did to make you want to read on to the next chapter or continue reading the chapter you where currently reading, is end with a cliff hanger on the previous chapter making you want to read the next one. By leaving a cliff hanger the author leaves the reader on edge, and draws them into the next chapter

E: Personally I quite enjoyed the way the author wrote this text. Max Turner (the author) used a wide vocabulary range, and good description. What I didn't like about Night Runner is how short the chapter where, and the use of illustration. There where no illustration to give you more of a mental picture as to what was happening in the book. The chapters where short and some didn't contain a lot of important information. Other then the short chapters and illustration this text was well written and exciting to read. Vrolok, an evil vampire who killed many people including Zack's (the main character) father, and only parent, wanted to finish his unfinished business and kill Zack. He wanted to kill Zack because if Vrolok killed Zack there would be no on who could destroy him.

Unfortunately for Vrolok Zack was stronger then he was especially since he was outraged at his Uncle Max for working with Vrolok. So Zack was able to defeat Vrolok by opening the curtains letting the shine through the stain glass window. But since Zack was also a vampire he died along with Vrolok, then was brought back to life by his now vampire friends.
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