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Modafinil as a PED

By: Tommy Choi, Denise Lee

Tommy Choi

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Modafinil as a PED

Modafinil BY: Tommy Choi and Denise Lee What do these twins have in common? They both used Modafinil Calvin and
Alvin Harrison History Who Why Where What When Why do people use Modafinil? How Late 1970s - Lafon Similar to the effects and functions of a stimulant on the nervous system. 1. Modafinil travels to the brain and attaches to the dopamine transmitters Pharmaceutical Company Lafon - Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter in the brain
- Involved in different systems and brain functions that are controlled by the brain:
Reward System
Endocrine System
Motor System
Cognition Cephalon Inc leases years later Modiodal Provigil 2. Individual feels:
sense of motivation
increase in alertness/concentration
improvements in body movements
improvements in memory and logical thinking
[possibly] change in mood To cure: Shift works sleeping disorder *Interesting fact: students in university and colleges would take Modafinil to help them in their studies Narcolepsy Obstructive sleep apnea Official Non-Official To cure: Depression Schizophrenia Who used Modafinil? Kelli White ADHD Curing of ADHD dropped in 2006 - Former American Sprinter
- Gold medalist at the world track and field Champonships in Paris
- Banned for 2 years from Sports Early 1990s - Cephalon Calvin and Alvin
Harrison Available in France - 1994 Available in USA -
1998 France


USA - Twin Brothers, former
sprinters of the American
Olympic Team
- Gold Medalist: 4x400 Relay
at 2000 Olympic games,
- Both tested positive for
Result: did not compete in 2004 Olympic games. Synthetic Kevin Toth Provigil, Alertec, Modavigil, Modalert, Modiodal, Modafinilo, Carim, Vigia Other Names C15H15NO2S - Former American Shot Put Athlete
- 2 year suspension for testing positive
- Loses 2003 U.S. Championship and 4rth place finish at World Championships. Effects on the
Human Body Benefits Side Effects - Not very Addictive
- Increase Alertness & Concentration
- Improves Memory, logical thinking and mood
- Treats sleep disorder:
narcolpsy (excessive sleep during the day)
improve normal sleeping patterns - Does not associate with aggresive behaviour
- does not prevent one from sleeping, only allowing the person to stay awake if they want to
- can be used to treat Alzheimer's, depression, schizophrenia, and jet lag Short Term Long Term Common Uncommon Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Death Anxiety
Difficulty sleeping
Dry mouth
Loss of appetite Loss of muscle strength
Lung problems
Prickling or tingling feeling
Runny nose
Sore throat Abnormal ejaculation
Chest pain
Difficulty breathing
Difficulty urinating
Fainting Fever
High blood pressure
Irregular heartbeat
Low blood pressure
Loss of muscle coordination
Mood swings
Vision problems
Vomiting Rash
Swelling of face, lips or tongue
Difficulty breathing
Chest pain
Irregular or fast heartbeat
Vision changes If someone notices these specific side-effects: They must seek immediate medical attention
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