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Commutitive Property of Multiplication


Charlotte Cannon

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of Commutitive Property of Multiplication

Commutative Property of Multiplication
There once were two friends named 6 and 7
Sally's group really liked lolipops so they always got 3 big bags with 5 lolipops in each bag.
Then they went to buy some peppers! This time they bought 5 bags with 3 peppers in each bag.
Then they decided to go home.
There once was a girl named Sally. Every Saturday morning Sally went with her friends to the market. They always went in 3 groups of 5.
So they headed down to the market.
And instead of buying 3 bags of lolipops and only having 5 lolipops in each, they decided to buy 5 bags of lolipops with only 3 lolipops in each!
Sally checked the bags of candy and was surprised to find that, again, the all the bags still contained the same number of lolipops! 15!
The next week Sally and her friends went to the market, they decided to try something different. They went in 5 groups of 3! Sally counted all of her friends and was amused by the fact that all of her friends were still there even though they had switched the groups!
After that they went and bought some
peppers, but just like the candy, they decided to switch it around a bit. They then had 3 bags of peppers with 5 peppers in each bag!!!!! Sally counted again. Still there were the same amounts of peppers as there was before!
Sally went home and wondered and wondered and wondered about this. "I know!" She said. "It is an example of the commutative property of Multiplication! No matter how many times I changed the groups it always stayed the same! Like with the groups, the peppers, and the candy!"
After that she called up her friends and told them about what she had just figured out. And from then on, Sally and her friends knew that no matter what groups they were in, there would always be the same amount of people, peppers, and candy.
After that they went and bought some peppers but just like the candy, they decided to switch it around a bit. Then they had 3 bags of peppers with 5 peppers in each bag!!!! Sally counted again. Still, there were the same mounts of peppers as before
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