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The Political deadlock of the 1850's

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Jaidyn McCrae

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Political deadlock of the 1850's

The Political Deadlock of the 1850's What is a political deadlock!!?? THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME :) OUR QUESTION: Who is this??!!! What was the solution? Then why was there a deadlock? By the 1850's the Legislative Assembly in the province of Canada was in a political deadlock. what were some of the main issues about which the parties disagreed? Which Political Leaders formed a coalition and what was their solution to the dead lock in Canada? Different parties are deciding on something but they disagree
Both parties have equal number of seats to vote so it stays at a deadlock Canada west (The Liberals) wanted rep-by-pop
It would give them enough seats in the Legislative assembly that they could pass any law
Canada East didn't want that To have a provincial government and a federal government that would handle different things
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