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Andres video games

No description


on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Andres video games

History of Video Games
By: Andres
4th grade
Ms. Voss's
Arcade Video Games
Portable Video games
Gaming Consoles
Computer Video Games
3D/2D games
Pixel Games
The first type of video games were arcade games. The arcade games are games that were made with light and some sound. Taito Japan invented the famous game space invaders and it was made with sound and light (but now it's made of pixel). The arcade was in invented because people were bored with old entertainment. The impact of the arcade was that it created the first type of video games and it's history. Arcade games were the first type of video games
The first change of video games was pixel games. A pixel game is a game that is made of trillions of squares. The pixel games were created because people were bored with sound and light video games. The impact of pixel games was that it was an inspiration to create more games and make them better and made people happy because it was the first type of video games with images. the second type of video games were pixel games.
The second change of video games were portable games. The portable VG (video games) are games that you could bring to places. In those days portable VG were in pixel. The portable VG were invented because people didn't want to pay to play each time they go to the arcade. The impact of portable VG was that it become a new type of game that you can stil use. The third type of VG was portable VG
The third type of VG was gaming consoles. The gaming consoles are machines that have a place to put a CD of a VG and the image projects to a TV. The gaming consoles were created because people thought that playing on a little device was difficult. The impact of gaming consoles was that it started to create a new generation of VG and made other inventions evolve. the fourth type of VG was gaming consoles.
One of the last changes was computer\online games. The COVG are games that you play on the computer or in the internet like:Minecraft, club pinguin etc.The COVG (computer online video games) were created because people didn't want to pay for games and some of these games were free. The impact of computer/online games was that it had better games and maked peoples' life easier to not pay money for the same game. One of the latest change of VG was computer/online games.
The last change of VG was 3D/2D games. The 3D 2D VG are games in 2D that you could change them to 3D. The 3D/2D VG are amazing because you use them with no 3D glasses. The 3D/2D VG were created because the 3D movies were invented so Nintendo thought about 3D VG. The impact of 3D/2D VG is that it created a new way to see things in 3D. The latest change of VG is 3D/2D VG.
Video Games
Video Games
Video Games
Video Games
Video Games
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