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Firefighters FC

No description

Aziz Jacobs

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Firefighters FC

• Diverse and distinct leadership styles

• Leader has an intimate understanding of each of his players and their individual circumstances

• Leader is actively involved in the community outside of the club

• Leader is constantly assessing the clubs progress towards achieving their goals

• The coach is aware of his personal strengths and weaknesses

• Have a set system that is implemented throughout the club

• Draw up a code a conduct

• Bring in corporate expertise

• The coach should be more open to change and adapt to the changing environment


“Being a part of the Firefighters is more than just a soccer team, it’s being a part of a family.”

-Sihle, U-15 Athlete

• Interviews with the Board Members of the club

• Interviews with the coach/manager of the First team

• Interviews with players from various age groups

• Observations (Training and Matches)

• The coach is able to adjust his leadership styles as required

• Passion, compassion, empathy, leading with actions and trying to be a role model

• The coach is aware of his own strengths and weaknesses

• The coach constantly evaluates the clubs progress and is always looking for growth opportunities

• Lack of disciplinary action towards the players

• Lack of clearly defined rules and regulations

• Lack of industry specific skills

• Players become too familiar and too comfortable with the coach and vice versa

• Become sustainable

• Provide opportunities for more kids to be allowed the chance to show their talent

• Produce professional level players through the club structure

• Eventually get the club to reach the PSL and build an elite level academy structure

• Instil positive values into the kids to positively affect their environment

• Produce well-rounded individuals and become a leading vehicle for community upliftment

• Consolidate all local football clubs into one

“Khayelitsha, once a battleground during the end of Apartheid, has transitioned from a place of riots to a place of community, and the kids on the soccer team are leading the charge.”

-Joey Besl, Semester at Sea
“It was chilling seeing a group of 16-year-old boys (but really men) showing maturity beyond their years, fulfilling the role of positive role model to the younger kids when they themselves could have very well never had one.”

-Tom , University of Connecticut
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