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Speed, Velocity, and Distance.Time Graphs

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Daniel Dettmer Calderón

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Speed, Velocity, and Distance.Time Graphs

SPEED, VELOCITY & DISTANCE-TIME GRAPHS By: Jorge O., Andrés P., José Emilio O., Daniel D. SPEED Is a measure of the distance an object travels in a unit of time. Constant Speed Is the rate of change of position in which the same distance is traveled each second. EX: EX: Speed of light, speed of sound etc. Instantaneous Speed Is speed at a specific instance in time. AVERAGE SPEED Is the total distance traveled, divided by the total time taken to travel the distance. CALCULATE BY: EX: It takes Ahmed 50s. on his bicycle to reach his friend´s house 250m. away. What is Ahmed´s average speed? STEP 1 Verify the units you have (m, s, cm,) in the problem and convert them (if they´re not in meters and seconds) into meters and seconds, and put them in the average speed equation. total distance (250m.)
total time (50s.) Average Speed: STEP 2 Divide the total distance traveled by the total time taken to travel the distance. 250
0 50 05 STEP 3 The result you got will be the answer to the problem in meters per seconds. Average Speed: 5 m/s. (meters per second) DISTANCE-TIME GRAPHS Shows the speed of an object, they´re used to compare the motion of 2 different objects, and you can use them to calculate the average speed of an object. EX: Constant Speed Graphic Comparing Speed Graphic If the line is steeper, it´s speed is faster; than a lower line. If the speed of an object changes instead of being constant, its motion on a distance-time graph is a curved line. EX: VELOCITY Is the speed and direction of a moving object. Velocity changes when an object´s speed, direction or both of them change. EX: Velocity can be represented by an arrow, greater speed in a longer arrow and it points the direction of the object´s movement. + Speed - Speed
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