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Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

No description

Anthony Barge

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

Bamewawagezhikaquay "Woman of the Stars" was her Ojibwe name.

First known Native American literary writer.

Mother was Chippewa and her father was irish.

Married Henry Rowe Schoolcraft who was originally in charge of Indian affairs.
"To the Pine Tree"
First written in the Native Language then translated into English later.
"Lines Written at Castle Island, Lake Superior"
"But all is glorious, free, and grand,
Fresh from the great Creator's hand" (pg. 163: 15)
"Sweet Willy"
Was a poem that rememnised on the death of her 2 year old son William Henry Schoolcraft.

"they that sow in tears, Shall reap again in joy" (Schoolcraft pg. 161-162: 15-45)

Jane Johnston Schoolcraft
Those who go through hard times
now will enjoy happiness later.
Makes references from Psalm 126.5
and 127.3
"Not all the trees of England bright,
Not Erin's (Ireland) lawns of green and light
Are half so sweet to memory eye,
As this dear type of northern sky" (pg 163:15)
decribes how the lands she grew
up on were different than the land
of England, and shows how much
she misses her homeland.
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