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Fashion Marketing and Communication Forever21 Presentation

No description

Abigail Malone

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Marketing and Communication Forever21 Presentation

Becci Hurrell, Charlotte Cook, Michayla Smith, Abigail Malone A Critical Evaluation of the Marketing Communication Strategy of Forever 21 with recommendations for Future Development. Product Womenswear, Plus Size, Menswear, Girlswear, Accessories, Footwear and Beauty. Place Price The price architecture varies from 2-51 across their entire product offering. Promotion People, Process and Physical Environment People Customer Profile ‘Style conscious and trend savvy shoppers.’ Recommendations Creating a better connection with UK consumers Advertising is kept to a minimum but primarily focuses on new store openings using transport media. Company Overview First established in Los Angeles, California in 1984. ‘The most current fashions at the greatest value.’ Stores cover multiple floor levels. Typically narrow in width but tend to extend in length and height. Forever 21 focus on PR as their main form of promotional activity, using social media as their favoured platform. Boutique ambiance. Physical Evidence ‘45% of their shoppers are aged between 18-24 and 20% are under 18.’ 'Perky American teen' Little one-to-one interaction with sales assistants within store. Process 'Once it's gone it's gone'. Main expenditure is product focused rather than marketing.
A: Store hoardings and transport media. R: Social Media. I: Sales promotion and digital marketing. D: Celebrity endorsements. A: Low price points. R: Hauls. More commercial UK celebrity endorsements. Pop up stores. Interactive boards and photo booths at live events. Student lock-ins. Personal shopper. Online feedback. Chandeliers. Lounge areas. Mirrors. 500 stores worldwide. Current sales revenue at $3.4 billion. Clothing exchange.
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