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Middle Age Solar System

No description

Calla Merritt

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Middle Age Solar System

Solar System How people in the Middle Ages thought it worked So you might be asking yourself, "How did people think the solar system worked during the Middle Ages?" Well, I will answer that question and more in this Prezi! Geocentric Solar System Model Heraclides developed a model in 330 B.C. called the Geocentric solar system that was believed through-out the middle ages. The Geocentric model put Earth in the center of the solar system. The sun was put fifth in the solar system, including the earth. What did people from the middle ages think the solar system worked? In the Geocentric solar system Earth was put in the middle of the solar system. They thought that Earth was such an important part of the solar system that it HAD to be the center. Mercury was thought to be the second "object" from Earth. In common sense, Earth's moon must come right after Earth. Venus was thought to be the third "object" from Earth. The sun was thought to be the fourth "object" from Earth, when it's really the center of the solar system. Jupiter was thought to be the sixth "object" from Earth. Mars was thought to be the fifth "object" from Earth. Saturn was thought to be the seventh "object" from Earth.
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