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Pre-emptive surveillance in the post-panopticon:

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Kate Milberry

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Pre-emptive surveillance in the post-panopticon:

Experiences & Responses to
Pre-emptive Surveillance in Airports Ask Boege * Gerrit Herlyn * Sunny Hughes *Ariane Ellerbrok Sarah Soliman * Kate Milberry * Vlad Niculescu-Dinca
Karolina Owczynik * Ozgun Topak Research Question Theory Methodology Relevance? What are airport travelers' perceptions of and responses to pre-emptive surveillance in international airports? Pre-emptive Surveillance:
Data collection & management via sociotechnical ensembles for the purpose of profiling, prediction and prevention of certain social behaviours. Grounded Theory -Semi-structured interviews (gate, f2f or skype)
-Collecting demographic data & travel patterns + open-ended questions
-Supplemented by participant observation at the gate Ethnography Sample Airport Security
Profiling/Social Sorting Lit Review Theory as toolkit:
Beck - Risk Society
Cooley - Looking glass self
Latour et al. - Actor Network Theory
Mead - Theories of identity
Verbeek - Post-phenomenology Recruitment:
Project website not <100
not >200 Current research limited
Influence policy
Influence R&D
Sense of personal wellbeing (health/mental health, trust, dignity)
Access (to mobility, equality, civil liberties) Surveillance Studies Summer Seminar * Queen's University * 16-20 May 2011 ? La Fin
(merci) Project phases 1. Literature Review
2. Technology Review
3. Interview & Website Design
4. Incremental Iterative Fieldwork
Interviews/Recruitment/Participant Observation
5. Final Analysis < -- > Theory
6. Policy Recommendations
For Airports/Security Professionals
For Regulators "Incremental Iterative Fieldwork" ....right now
Biometric cards
Body Scanners
Metal detectors
Pat downs
Behavioural profiling
Automated Entry/exit
Immigration databases
PNR transfer ....in development
cardiovascular & respiratory sensors
Gait recognition
Remote eye-tracker
Thermal cameras
High resolution video
Pheromone detection Policy + Technology Review ...a word about... "Air Opticon"
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