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Alice Liu

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of SWATCH

SWATCH was designed for lower market segments. SOLUTION
SMH diversified portfolio by creating a
SBU in each price segment to re-establish market leadership. PRICING STRATEGY "striking, low cost, high quality."
- Nicolas Hayek, CEO
* what does your watch say about you?
*company fit strength: quality weakness: production PRODUCT STRATEGY SIMPLE. easy to look at and understand. good morning everyone! meet swatch. 1970s: Swiss watches were ranked the most prestigious global market share declined
80% 42% in just 30 years WHAT HAPPENED? consumers drifted towards competitors who sold cheaper alternatives
eg. SEIKO TIMEX QUICK BACKGROUND how did it come to be? * customer fit
- satisfies needs, creates wants
- frequent new designs maintain wants and create brand loyalty psychological pricing: $50 vs. $49.99 *differentiates:
adds to image of being simple and
approachable, meaning
“easy to do business with” in this context. "CLEAN" PRICE? cost vs. benefit >> why is a low-end brand needed? redefining products in the minds of consumers mass production, low cost of competitors what else? consumers choosing between alternatives price. connecting with and engaging buyers on an emotional level how? just a traditional circus act? you bet not! incorporates emotional appeal by replacing acrobatic acts & animal shows with artistic performances built upon dynamic storylines >> niche << for the self expressive DUAL VIEW watch under SWATCH consistent with existing SWATCH positioning new sub category of watch what is it? watch with a special glass piece
allowing certain images to become visible
ONLY when viewed at at certain angles! for example,
this design will enable people to see the time
looking at it directly, but will reflect a different image when seen on an angle leveraging the SWATCH brand name to market new product will it take the industry by storm? OH YES! extends product line and could potentially attract and retain customers in lower-end market segment thank you for listening! Q&A X X X *competition fit
- opportunities: new customer segment
- threats .... 2. encouraged impulse buying. 1. increased perceived value. 3. reduces post-purchase
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