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Two Hospitals

No description

Liz Keevil

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Two Hospitals

Two Hospitals for Williamsburg Building Support for State Approval of a New Hospital Opportunity Research Strategy Tactics Evaluation -PRSA Silver Anvil Award -The Hospital was approved Riverside Health System wanted to build a new new
40-bed hospital -COPN
-Failed twice
-Criterion 21 The Other Hospital... Sentara Willamsburg "Yes, the population is growing and, yes, the population is aging. That doesn't necessarily mean you need more hospital beds to serve it. We're not operating at capacity today."
-Robert Graves, Vice President of Sentara Williamsburg. -Applied to expand while Riverside was applying to build -Interviews
-Mailed Survey
-Telephone Surveys Findings -75% believed a second hospital would benefit the community -BUT majority were satisfied with current health services Should target "older residents" -Need to focus on choice, convenience, competition, and local control Two Hospitals for Williamsburg
The Care You Need.
The Choice You Deserve -Over 2,200 letters sent -Positive community response But... -Didn't do anything to improve relations with Sentara Williamsburg Hospital -Criterion 21 was a new factor in the 2008 campaign Objectives -Generate 2,000 letters of support by October
-Fill Public Hearing Room with supporters
-Secure support of Williamsburg physicians
-Secure endorsements from City Council, JCC Supervisors, Fire & Police etc. "...if research is good and thorough, if goals and objectives are clear and measurable, if strategies are sound, and if execution is professional, YOU WILL SUCCEED." Three Key Messages:
1. Access: A second hospital would allow older residents to receive vital services they may not have otherwise received.)

2. Competition: A second hospital would improve both healthcare services through the benefits of competition; lower cost and better quality.

3. Choice: A second hospital would allow residents to chose which services to use based on their specific needs. Three Key Strategies:
1. Use the right media sources

2. Keeps messages very focused around the theme

3. Make it as easy as possible for residents to be actively supportive 1.Used media coverage, advertising, and mailers to encourage residents to write letters in support of the Riverside Doctor’s Hospital

2.Hosted over 20 “Write a Letter Rally” events that ultimately led to over 2,200 letters being sent in

3.A mail campaign to encourage supporters to attend the public hearing. Traditional Appropriate Effective
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