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Elizabeth Harris

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of Sustainability

How do we use water?
We use water to keep ourself hydrated and keep our bodies clean. Without water all our plants would be dead.Without water we would be struggling to survive.
Renewable and non-Renewable Resources
Renewable resources are those that have the ability to renew themselves provided they are not extinguished all together. Non Renewable are those that can not be renewed or regenerated after they are used up completely so they have to use it wisely.
we can save water by...
Turning of taps
Having shorter showers
Having the same bath water as your sibling

Turning off taps
Having a compost bin
Growing a vegetable garden
opening windows instead of air con
opening curtains to get sunlight
Ride a bike or walk to places instead of car
Turn off power if you don't need it
How can we be sustainable
Natural Resources

We use .....
Air to breathe
water to drink
plants to eat
soil to grow plants
How can we save water
We can be sustainable at home by...
We can be sustainable at school by...
Turning off taps if you see them running
Ride a bike or walk to school
Grow a vegetable garden that everyone is welcome to
Over 40% less green waste is going to landfill, 30% reduction in household carbon emissions,Free plants,5000+ community restoring natural habitats and 35% natural habitat coverage,on track for 40%.
how does brisbane reuse and recycle?
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