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The Taliban- English project

Zain, Shahal & Safqat

shahal ahmed

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The Taliban- English project

Table of contents Introduction
Beliefs and policies
First impressions of Afghans to the Taliban
Major events
Effects on the people
Justice system-punishments
Sharia Law
Lack of women's rights
The Taliban after 911 and today Beliefs and policies First impressions of Afghans to the Taliban Major events Effects on the people Justice system-punishments Sharia Law Women's rights The Taliban after 911 and today By: Zain Safqat Shahal The Taliban Introduction

The word "Taliban" means a "student" or "seeker."
The Taliban is a linked network of local Islamist fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Many of the original core Taliban members studied in religious madrassahs in the border regions of Pakistan. The Taliban followed a religious dictatorship style government. A brief history of the Taliban.. After the soviet invasion and the rising of power
Taliban Control
Pashtun villagers point of view
Taliban ruling period
US invasion of Afghanistan and the fall of the Taliban power
Taliban today 2 types of effects:
The positive effects

The negative effects The justice system
The laws
The punishments
What kind of punishments From 1979 to 1989 the major events that occurred in this time period are……what you will be learning about
Soviet invasion
The withdrawal From 1990 to 1999 the major events that occurred in this time period are……what you will be learning about

The rise of the Taliban`s
Who is Muhammad Omar From 2000 to 2009 the major events that occurred in this time period are……what you will learn about

The rules of the Taliban`s
The US attacks
The war continues What does the word Taliban mean? Who are the Taliban? Sharia is the moral code and religious law of Islam. Death sentence on apostasy (worship a calf god)
Its haram to drink alcohol, sell/manufacture drugs and alcohol
Allah has forbidden Muslims to eat pork or blood of any slaughtered animal.
Rape of women, female children or boys and robbery are punished by death sentence.
There is death sentence for kidnapping men, women and stealing children. Islamist movements made attempts through violence and warfare. What Sources Holy Quran
Sunnah(Mohammed (pbuh)'s lifestyle) Reintroduction What does the sharia law state? (in brief) Sharia law deals with Prayer, Diet, Crimes, Sexual intercourse, Fasting, Hygiene, Freeedom of Speech and economic matters. Also.. But. "To seek knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim."- Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) The Taliban has modified and implemented their own laws.
Some laws they implement are not even found from any sources of the Sharia law. But if you see.. They applied a strict interpretation of Islam, got rid of modern ideas, science and other religion The Taliban enforced their law by:
Their religious police
Punishing people who break them
Controlling the media (only propaganda and prayers)
The book raises this viewpoint as the crowd prepares to watch the stoning. Farid whispers to Amir, “And they call themselves Muslims” Amir wore a fake beard Zaman, the director of the orphanage, said that, since woman are not allowed to work and their husbands are dead, they leave their children in the orphanage. The book hints at the corruption of the Taliban by having a Taliban official taking girls and boys from the orphanage and sexually abuse them, like Sohrab. Must wear a complete burka (including a veil)
Banned from
Outside activities ( must be accompanied by a close related male when outside)
Getting treated by male doctors
Laughing loudly
Bright coloured clothes
Traveling in the same bus as a male. (had separate buses for each gender) Taliban laws and rule for women (brief) According to ISlam Women are:
allowed to work
allowed to go outside without a male relative
allowed to laugh loudly
allowed to get an education
allowed to travel in the same bus as men
not forced to cover their face The Taliban considers women to have no rights. Execution (stoning to death)
Beaten if they break any laws Punishments for women 90% of the women in Afghanistan have experienced some kind of human rights violation. The target of the USA's attack was to bomb Afghanistan and also remove the Taliban regime and also kill Osama.
The Taliban was overthrown from their regime and an election was held as a democratically elected president, Hamid Karzai, gained power in Afghanistan. What is going on recently in the so called ''war on terror''
The Taliban are fighting the NATO troops not because they only hate them but, because they think they are like the Soviets when they invaded Afghanistan.
However, US drone strikes has killed more civilians than Taliban members. Today
Number of Taliban fighters- estimates range from 25,000 to 40,000 (reuters.com)
The Taliban are weak, scattered, and demoralized
Many Taliban have fled to Pakistan
Allied with the Pakistani Taliban. Tehrik-i-Taliban However, the Americans kept on bombing the country.. Piss on the beards of all those self-righteous monkeys.”

“They do nothing but thumb their prayer beads and recite a book written in a tongue they don’t even understand.” “God help us all if Afghanistan ever falls into their hands.” The Following chart is a graph showing the depression rate of Taliban women.
97% of Taliban women are depressed, while 3% are not. Depression Rate Of Women Took care of the children, cooked, cleaned and listened to their husband's order. Woman’s Duties under the Taliban Tried to commit suicide

They died due to the lack of female doctors. The Consequences Two things women were banned from? What percentage of women were depressed during the Taliban power? State one positive and one negative effect on people when the Taliban took power? What was the first impressions of the Afghans to the Taliban like? Say one major event the Taliban was involved in. Say 2 kinds of punishments the Taliban imposed on Afghan citizens.

10. Who were the Mujahideen? 5. What law did the Taliban’s follow? 3. When was the first time the Taliban’s were hired to guard a convoy? And who hired them? 2. Who was Muhammad Omar? And what is he the founder of? Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, in response to US demands, the Taliban offered to hand Bin Laden over to the US on one condition that they provide evidence showing his involvement in the attacks. What happened after.. The US government refused this offer because they had no evidence.
The Taliban also distanced themselves from Bin Laden and urged that the US investigate the 9-11attacks before it decides to bomb Afghanistan. Once Afghanistan was bombed, the Taliban then offered to give up Bin Laden unconditionally; where he would be handed over to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) or another third-party. But again,the US refused. Taliban's involvement in the 9/11 attacks •The Taliban's popularity with the Afghan people surprised the country's other warring factions. Many Afghans, weary of conflict and anarchy, were relieved to see corrupt and often brutal warlords replaced by the devout Taliban, who had some success in eliminating corruption, restoring peace, and allowing commerce to resume.

•People were happy at first that the Taliban had stopped the war that was until the Taliban started to do Public executions and punishments (such as floggings) became regular events at Afghan soccer stadiums. Taliban Laws (From the novel) Using Shariah as an excuse: They banned
Banned kite fighting
In 1998, massacred the Hazaras in Mazar-i-Sharif They were closely allied with Al-qaeda (Osama Bin Laden) ''pathway to be followed'' or ''path to ''the water hole'' Men must grow beards
Illegal to laugh clap or shout outside events
Non-religious books are banned
Suits and ties are forbidden
Not allowed to take photographs or videos
Not allowed to display pictures of living things
Not allowed to fly kites or own birds
Not allowed to listen to music
Children must have muslim names
All non-muslims must wear yellow clothes
Illegal to questions the police
Theft, adultery and all crimes against religious laws are punished by public executions.
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