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07.06 Genocide: Assessment

No description

Margaret Shatokhin

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of 07.06 Genocide: Assessment

07.06 Genocide: Assessment
"Two sentences to prevent future genocides"
Even in hard times, we can't let anything slip out of our hands. We all have to stick together and be a state.
"Families and children, seperated"
"Work Makes You Free"
The Dead
The Holocaust was a very rough time. It was hard on everyone, and even the economy. Germany didn't want Germans and Jews to get married. Even if they were German "Jews" it didn't count. Jewish people were called foreigners. So Jews went to camps for no real reason, and the population of the percent of Jews killed was 6 million.
In the camps, children and families were seperated.
This is where people would be checked if they had gold, or even if they were sick so they could be killed right away.
This is one of the camps where people were being killed, even though it says "work makes you free."
This is where people were standing outside to protest against the Jews, and saying that Zionist were the ones being persecuted.
Jewish bodies were not being buried, instead they were piled against eachother.
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