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Are low-cut basketball shoes safe?

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Tyler Peters

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Are low-cut basketball shoes safe?

Are low-cut basketball shoes safe?
People hurt their ankles all the time playing basketball and the majority of the time it is because of their shoes. Shoes are a major part of the game and can decide how much you play in a season or in your lifetime. Certain shoes should be worn by certain players and their positions. Considering most kids that play basketball are athletic and skinny, those players should wear low-cut shoes because they're tighter on the feet and allow you to shave almost a millisecond off your cuts. Some teams do have bigger players and they can wear low-cut shoes depending on their positions and how big they are.
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Low-cut shoes are better for Guards because they move with the foot. High top shoes are heavier and don't provide much cushion on the knees and ankles. Shoes such as the Kobe 8 system's, KD6's and other low-cut shoes move with your feet like a glove while high top shoes such as the Lebron 10's are not as tight allowing the foot to move in the shoe. Take your shoes off. Are your socks tilted to a certain side? If the answer is yes it means your feet move in your shoe and that's what low-cuts prevent!
Basketball shoes must move with your feet and not allow your feet to freely move, low-cut shoes help prevent that

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