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LIV Pilot 1.6.2016

No description

Sam Rasoul

on 6 January 2016

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Transcript of LIV Pilot 1.6.2016

LIV Pilot 1.6.2016

Legacy International Ventures
LIV Process
LIV Process
LIV Process
MENA: A Region At Its Tipping Point
What To Do?
The PILOT...
LIV Morocco
Moving Forward
Resources Needed
Values-Based Entrepreneurial Movement
2-stage movement generates jobs & social impact

Inspire millennials to start ventures via local festivals (e.g. Arab Idol) providing entrepreneurial skills, funding (e.g. Dragon's Den)
Incubate startups & accelerate existing ventures with 2nd level support & commercialization
Making a Difference
Quadruple-bottom line oriented
Not charity, but business via equity
Growing a Sustainable Movement
LIV certified brand of excellence
Ongoing virtual consultation

Untapped Millennial Potential
“MENA’s young people are struggling to see a future ...
with tremendous wealth ... juxtaposed against staggeringly high rates of joblessness.”

Omar Kutayba Alghanim,CEO, Alghanim Industries

Most of the MENA region is experiencing some degree of unrest.
Lost Economic Potential
Billions lost in economic trade & development says World Bank.

Legacy International Ventures (LIV)
Millennials can stimulate jobs, impact communities

Hungry for change
Committed to education
Digital natives
Give back
Legacy In Action: 38 Years in MENA
LIV Difference
Step 1: Generate
Entrepreneurship festivals
Generate 500+ applications
~30-50 finalists per event
Guide finalists to create business model canvas
Step 2: Anchor/Strategy
Provide online entrepreneurial training
Integrate values
Work with professionals to develop business plans
Step 3: Select & Support
Fund qualified businesses through Dragon's Den/Shark Tank model
Support 1-year with web hosting, mentoring & incubation
Step 4: Incubate
1-week hands-on interactive training
Legacy's Teams of Excellence
People-centered methodologies
Best practices
New Business models
Data driven decision making
Digital marketing
Team building
Step 5: Launch!
Leverage local networks
Access gatekeepers social networks
Mobile vast network of committed experts
Acceleration Stage
Refine product with LIV team
Scale existing businesses
Commercialize regionally/globally
Provide 2nd level funding
Achieve LIV certification
Sample Venture:
Moroccan Organic Seed Bank
5 yr Impacts!
Q1 2016 – Establish LIV Model – Fund I Ventures

Q2-Q3 2016 –Proving, Plan and Launch
LIV Morocco

Q4 2016- Incubate Fund II- Accelerate Qualified Ventures
The Challenge
Help transform MENA through this grassroots movement?

Fund $350,000 pilot budget supporting Moroccan ventures
Create Legacy International Social Impact Venture Fund
Contribute expertise, time & resources
Mobilize experts & donors

Dr. Ira Kaufman & Sam Rasoul
Legacy International Ventures
Copyright 2016 Legacy International
Happening Now
Why Millennials?
Substantial MENA footprint
38 yrs. knowledge base & experience
Extensive loyal alumni base
Jobs in business, social sectors
LIV Brand of business excellence
Social impact projects transformed to social businesses
Failed startups significantly reduced
Local businesses produce products that support regional sustainability
500 new ventures per targeted country
'MENA needs
100 million jobs
by 2020' [World Bank]
potential "investors"
Legacy Teams of Excellence
Inspired Venturers-
Millenial Entrepreneurs
Equity or Crowdsourced
Startup Costs
-Corporate Sponsors, Donors & Family Funds

Instability in MENA = Instability in the World
We must engage the Millennial Generation
43 Incubators
Start-ups fail; increase frustration
Little second level funding
Lack expertise to commercialize to global markets
Breakdown siloed thinking:
Integrate social impact into business

Synergize regional entrepreneurial efforts

Leverage digital technologies

Create Shared Value
"90% of Startups FAIL!"

Launched with regional stakeholder event of "potential investors," corporate sponsors, local startups and new ventures
Gain support, refine LIV business model
Develop action plan for MENA
Evaluate potential ventures
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