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The Roaring Twenties

History presentation

Lucia Martínez

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of The Roaring Twenties

A decade of contraditions...
Why? The Roaring Twenties Martina Rivero
Lucia Martínez
Vera Vicente
Antonella Parise
3°A IPA 18th amendment to U.S. Constitution became law until 1933.
Psychological explanation.
Patriotism. The Prohibition Impulse Segregation
Right to vote
Persecution Blacks The Melting Pot "What, then, is the American, this new man?...He is an american, who leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new modes of life he has embraced, the new government he obeys, and the new rank he holds..." - J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer. Unemployment Republican Party They established important policies
Laissez faire
Low taxation
Trusts Brother, can you spare a dime?

"Once I built a railroad, made it run,
made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad,
Now It´s done -
Brother, can you spare a dime?" Crisis in farming Women
(half of the population of the USA) US tariffs made Europe to stop exporting to this country
In 1921 farm prices fell down.
Six million rural Americans were forced to leave their lands
These problems affected more than 60 million Americans New sexual freedom"

Ideal Flapper
"expensive and about 19"



"The Charleston" The Wall Street Crash In October 1929 the Wall Street stock market crashed, the American economy collapsed and the USA entered in a long depression that destroyed much of the prosperity of the 1920s Causes of the Great depression Speculation
Unequal distribution of wealth and income
Unequal distribution of corporate power
Deflation Consequences The Crisis destroyed all the hopes of restoring the US economy
The large speculators and bankers were ruined
American lost confidence in the Government
The downward spiral was established, which brought unemployment, less demands for goods and people had no money to spend Sport, another boooooooom! New York
Yankees Boston Red
Sox Boxing Activity Literature "A lad whipped with branches until his back was ribboned flesh... a white girl, divorcee, beaten into unconsciousness in her home; a naturalised foreigner flogged until his back was pulp because he married an American woman; a negro lashed until he sold his land to a white man for a fraction of its value". RA Patton, writing in "Current History" in 1929, describes the victims of Klan violence in Alabama. What does it tell you about the motives of Klan violence? Theatre and Cinema "The Red Scare" Presidents Government "The Ladies' Home Journal" American Economy = "The Jazz Age" Music Materialism 1927 President "The first talkie" Head of State Head of Government Congress House of Representatives Senate Federal System Elections Eugine O'Neill (playwright) Woodrow
(1920-March 1921) Warren Harding
(March 1921-August 1923) Calvin Coolidge
(August 1923- March 1929) Herbert Hoover
(March 1929- end of 1920s)
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