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Taking the journey further!

No description

Debanshu Roy

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Taking the journey further!

Taking the journey further!
Our Audience
New Customers: Purchased product in past 12 Months but no service visit

Active Customers: Service visit in past 12 months

Inactive Customers: No service visit in 24+ months

Lapsed Customers: No service visit in past 12-24 months
Our Purpose
Increase dealer participation

Retain customers

Increase servicing and parts sales

Make money
Our Approach
A system was designed, that would collate all customer details and send them automated reminders periodically. This also included various offers.

This tool could also automate the medium of communication as per customers preference. Therefore, depending on the customers choice, SMS, email, phone calls, letters were sent to customers.
Service Reminder System
Connects to New and Active owners through targeted reminders as well as introducing Lapsed customers to their new dealerships
Service Prospecting System
Service marketing program designed to recapture lost customers and generate loyalty
Customer Appreciation Days
Events to generate additional interest in the dealership and promote regular maintenance and service awareness
Dealer Services Group/Program HQ
Professionals who analyze, design and implement OEM service marketing strategy by coordinating dealership take-up of campaigns
Reporting and Database Management
Tracking data and creating detailed industry leading reports
Dealer Participation
Increase in loyalty retention
Increase in quarterly prospecting program
Increased annually in customer repair orders
Customer Retention
Increase in inactive customers revisits
Parts & Service Sales
Increase in the Last 10 Years
Increase in per Marketing Dollar Spent
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