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L'oréal - Report of Sustainability

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David Castro

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of L'oréal - Report of Sustainability

Sustainable Development Report 2012
Wang Hong
Niamh Fahy
Dawei Zhao
Kathleen Mahim
David Castro

L'Oréal subsidiaries
- Objectives of L’Oréal
- Environment
- Employees
- Company Assessment
- Limitations
- Conclusion

Overall Goal in Terms of Sustainability
Make social responsibility a priority by integrating the principles of sustainable development into the business model.

Build growth that is sustainable, responsible and inclusive.
Specific Objectives to the Overall Goal
Strategic Plan
Expansion Strategy
- One of the first companies to disclose its greenhouse gas emissions

- Aware that expansion depends on sustainable development

This includes:
Improving its preservation of natural resources
Reducing its environmental footprint

CDP’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Index
- Consists of top 10% of companies on climate disclosure

- L’Oréal responded to CDP’s water preservation appeal

- The group commits jointly with its suppliers to the CDP water preservation programme
The Water Recycling System
Sustainable Development: PUNE PLANT INDIA
- Opened in 2004, the plant has been awarded ISO 14001 certification

- 35,000 litre/day solar water heating system

- System returns water to the plant consumption circuit

- All water treated at the Indian site is now reused onsite

- Training program
- Build self-esteem
CSR Practices
Organised a great variety of initiatives to make its development truly shared, by reinforcing its actions towards those whom it wishes to associate with its performance, such as suppliers, partners, employees and vulnerable people.
L’Oréal has confirmed its commitment in terms of eco-design and the responsible sourcing of its raw materials
Pursued its actions in favour of the protection of biodiversity, a priority defended at two global summits, in Rioand in Hyderabad.
Assessment of L’Oréal: How does L’Oréal measure its own performance in terms of CSR?
Awards in 2012 from “extra-financial rating agencies”

With partners, directly involved in creation of national diversity charters

Ethics Charter (2000) and Global Compact (2003) non-discrimination and respect for individual differences

Diversity Charter
-One of first companies to sign the Diversity Charter
Promote cultural, ethnic, social diversity

-Diversity Workshop: 2004, France, 14 key criteria
Ex: age, gender, contract type, compensation
Computerized scorecard: criteria used to build 30 indicators

L’Oréal Works Closely with its Subsidiaries
Creation of global diversity networks in subsidiaries in 2006

LFD (Learning for Development) = L’Oréal’s training department

Works with local communities

Learning materials available online
Burkina Faso: Inter-industry Collaboration
Shea butter used in almost 1,200 products

“Solidarity Sourcing” project

AAK (Swedish company)
Leading supplier of top-quality shea butter
Olvea (French)
Specializes in production and packaging of plant-based oils and butters

Limits: What´s wrong and right with L'Oréal?
What´s right?...
What's wrong?...
- Company disclose its greenhouse gas emissions

- Company also reduce its environmental footprint

- Reduces water consumption

- Reduces waste production

Animal testing really worth it?
Animal testing is highly controversial. L’Oréal is still working with animals and the environment and the company has not listened to the community (social groups and consumers).

PETA and the "Do Test" List

L’Oréal works to
- Promote diversity, company sustainability,
and inclusion
- Reduce its carbon footprint and preserve natural resources
- Create a socially sustainable work environment
become the world leader in the management of diversities
- Promote CSR practices, but it still has a ways to go.




Because you´re worth it!
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