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Police Brutality and Stereotypes

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Peter Young

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Police Brutality and Stereotypes

Police Brutality and Stereotypes
Even though it is 2015 racism is a pressing problem. The conflict between African-Americans and the police is still major issue . While we are not living during the times of the Civil Rights Movement, racial stereotyping against African-Americans still exists. Racial stereotypes of minorities has affected some police officers’ point of views which has caused the use of excessive force. Over this past year there have been many major outbreaks and riots after four men were unjustly killed by police. - Eric Garner, Eric Harris, Akai Gurley and Freddie Gray
Police Brutality
How Racial stereotyping
African Americans who have been killed by Police
Stop And Frisk
The use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. .
Freddie Gray
Eric Garner
Akai Gurley
Oscar Grant
One way we can stop Police Brutality is by using body cameras. Body cameras will help us collect necessary evidence as well as there never being discrepancy of evidence. If we were to have cameras on the body armor we would see the basic interaction which would be the use of language, the emotional factor, and finally the physical action that took place between the police and the apprehended. By having body cameras we would be able to see the other side of the conflict, whether the apprehended be living or dead. Also this limits the discrepancy of eyewitness statements. By having cameras as a key factor in an altercation reduces the biases that can occur.
To stop racial stereotyping we must help black communities by becoming mentors to black men, have peaceful protest.
Stop and frisk is the practice by which a police officer initiates a stop of an individual on the street allegedly based on reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

In New York 85% of the people that were stopped were black and hispanic even though they make up almost half of the population.
Also out of every 49 frisks on white people one person is caught with something illegal and one out of 92 for blacks.
Police are on pace to complete 800,000 frisks. That is more than twice the population of Miami
There are several stereotypes against African Americans.
Gang Members
. Blacks and minorities have been racially stereotyped far to long. Also police brutality has been going for years. America is starting to become aware of these issues and understanding a change must be made. We are seeing police brutality through social media, the increase in complaints, and the number of indictments. America is starting to gradually minimize police brutality by having body cameras. We need to teach some police officers about the racial stereotyping that is going on and how it is causing the lives of some African American males. Also we can stop the racial stereotyping against other minorities by learning that each person is an individual and not just in a category with one person.

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