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Apollo and Artemis

No description

Amanda Wilcox

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Apollo and Artemis

Apollo and Artemis the twins Amanda Wilcox Fleming 3R The special relationship of Apollo and Artemis began at birth. Apollo and Artemis's mother, Leto, endured a long and arduous labor. Artemis was born and immediately began to assist with her twin brother's birth. Nine days later, Apollo was born. Artemis's caring so early on led her to become a goddess of childbirth as well as the hunt and the moon. Apollo and Artemis were very Close Apollo and Artemis were twins. Similar unique Relevant Reflective They were very Apollo and Artemis shared a strong sense of loyalty towards those they cared about. On more than one occasion, Apollo and Artemis brutally murdered someone they thought was threatening someone they loved. For example, Apollo and Artemis slaughtered the children of a woman of whom their mother was jealous. Another trait they shared was the ability to heal wounds, although Apollo used this skill more than Artemis. They valued their twin relationship, but they also wanted to be One of the six wishes young Artemis wanted her father Zeus to grant her was for there to be more differences between herself and her brother. Wishing to be different is a common theme among twins today, as well-they value their bond, but also want and deserve to be treated like their own person. This is why the things they controlled were opposites-Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and the moon, and Apollo was the god of music and the sun. Apollo and Artemis were of Greek values and worldviews. Like other gods and goddesses, Apollo and Artemis exhibited the valued traits of strength and power. But they also exhibited caring for their family members (even if they took it too far.) Also, perhaps the ancient Greeks were trying to send us a message about twins through Apollo and Artemis: that the unique bond between twins is special, but even twins are unique, too. The experiences of Apollo and Artemis are for society even today. Also, twins still experience the same trials and tribulations that Apollo and Artemis did of striking a balance between valuing your bond as twins and expressing your individuality. the end On a dark note, sadly innocent people are still killed by hate and rage, as Apollo and Artemis exhibited on several occasions. The Greeks gave us many things to think about through Artemis and Apollo.
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