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Scarcity Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Scarcity

Vocabulary Words
Facts and Details
R-Controlled Vowels
(Bossy R)
Facts and Details
Facts are pieces of information that can be proven to be true.
Details are small pieces of information.
Remember the "R" is bossy and doesn't let the vowel talk.
It is polite and let's the vowel come first.
an extremely large, powerful, and destructive storm with very strong winds that occurs especially in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean
a very small supply
very small in amount or number : not plentiful
a situation in which you must choose between two things that you can't have at the same time
Something that is found in nature that living things can use
R-Controlled Vowels
Plural Nouns
A singular noun names 1 person, animal, place, or thing.

A plural noun names more than 1 person, animal, place, or thing.
Add "s" to most nouns to show more than one.
car cars
book books
tree trees
computer computers
Add "es" when the noun ends with an s, ch, sh, x, or z.
box boxes
bus buses
bush bushes
church churches
By Janeen R. Adil
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