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on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Hecate

Goddess of Magic
Hecate is most well known as the goddess of magic.
She was the only Titan to retain her authority.
She had control over storms and was considered a protector of sailors.

Like Artemis Hecate was a maiden goddess, she preferred independence over marriage.
Often in solitude, she walked the streets at night, or visited the cemetery during the new moon.
Hecate's Sight
She was never seen without her dogs.
In many illustrations either she or her dogs are seen possessing three heads.
The three heads represent seeing into the past, present, and the future.
Finding Persephone
Hecate's ability of sight helped her find Persephone after Hades kidnapped her.
In the Underworld Hecate became Persephone's companion.
This earned Hecate the title "Queen of the Night" and the protector of lost souls.
In Rome many of Hecate's priests, and priestesses were former slaves.
Most people put the leftovers of a meal outside their doors;
The food was usually eaten by stray dogs or the homeless, both of whom were under the protection of Hecate.
Goddess of Travel
Many crossroads had a post holding a three headed mask in Hecate's honor.
It was believed that she had the ability to help a person choose the right path or the wrong one.
Women especially were under Hecate's protection.
Any woman planning on traveling alone would pray to Hecate for a safe journey.
She was often considered a midwife.
Hecate was a goddess that supported justice and tolerance of those less fortunate.
As a patron of change she provided support in new situations
People also prayed to Hecate when they needed to remember something.
Symbols of Hecate
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