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Chinese Civil War (1927-1937)

No description

Katherine Lee

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Chinese Civil War (1927-1937)

Chinese Civil War (1927-1937)
Nature of the Chinese Civil War
Effects and Results of the War
By Sarah Jivani and Katherine Lee
Type and Nature of the Chinese Civil War
Origins and Causes of the Chinese Civil War
Long-term Causes
Short-term Causes
Immediate Causes
Socio Economic Factors
• In the 1900s, China was ruled by the imperial Manchu dynasty
• Vast majority of the population were peasants (80%)
• The peasants lived a hard life – they had to work the land, were extremely poor, and faced starvation often.
• China was a very imbalanced nation
o Peasants’ land plots were reduced yet their rent was increased
o Had to pay 80% of their harvest
o Driven to cities due to poverty where there would already be high unemployment (due to technological advancements and cheap Western imports)

Weak politics and strong influence of foreign powers
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