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The house manager!

By: Amy Carrique & Sarah Blair (:

Sarah Bieber

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of The house manager!

The House Manager!! A house manager is someone who lookS after the theater and the building the theater is in. A house manager also looks after the audience and has some other jobs like... The house manager has a check list of things he or she has to complete one hour before the show. They also have one for after the show, to make sure they got everything. A house manager must be interactive and like to socialize. They also need to have a bit of background with technical work because they are in charge of lights and other things... A House Manager falls under the production and the technical team. It is mostly production because the house manager and the ushers are in charge of making sure the audience is happy. House: the auditorium, where the audience sits CUE: a signal for something to happen MANAGER: someone who has control or direction of people, division, a building...etc. CALL: notifying theater workers of cues, rehersal times and the rise and fall of the curtain. BALCONY: the second floor of the auditorium, audience looks down at the play. The minamum education to be a house manager is finsihed high school and three years of a simaler job ex. an usher A House Manager makes $85 a show and $30 a rehersal. http://theaterfordummies.blogspot.com/2007/06/view-from-booth-tribute-to-house.html
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