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Wheel Throwing Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for throwing a pot on the potters wheel from centering to trimming

Terri Wentzel

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Wheel Throwing Tutorial

Remove from wheel Pull up the wall and alter the form Final decoration ideas Trim the pot Wheel-throwing Steps Make the center opening Center the clay View first!
position/centering overview For more information
also view:

Dan's Pottery video


Lea Townsend's also
on centering STEPS to centering
1.Attach - Throw the pre-wedged clay sphere as close to the center of the slightly damp bat as possible.

2.Moisten - Keep hands and clay ball wet with sponge.

3.Cone up - With arms anchored to legs or body, press in with heel of both hands sliding across wheel head and squeezing together through the center axis of the clay lump. This will force the clay to cone up.

4.Cone down- Right hand presses down on clay covering the right side of the clay lump from center. Left hand retains the vertical wall and widens as necessary to maintain an even wall with the lump shortening and widening into a perfect short “cake” with a flattened top.

5.Repeat as necessary until the lump is centered.6.Check centering by anchoring a needle tool next to the spinning form. Inch it close enough to barely touch the form. Pull it away and inspect the mark it made. Does it unevenly mark only one side? This shows it is off center. Try again until the mark is even in depth barely scratching the surface in a line that goes all the way around the form. Demo by Tim See For more help and resources click here:
http://www.pottery-on-the-wheel.com/creating-pottery.html or view another video demo This is very difficult and takes lots of practice.
Don't get discouraged. Slip:

Incise (scratch in texture):

Add on (maybe handles):
http://www.timchristensenpottery.net/portfolio_3.html 1. cut an angle at the base against wheel head
2. sponge excess water from wheel head
3. hold toggle wire tightly in each hand
4. slowly spin (or not) the wheel while you pull the wire from behind the pot towards yourself
5. be sure the wire stays down on wheel head
6. carefully pull off with both hands at base - not on walls
7. place on a plastic covered board and dry slowly with a plastic bag over it
8. Label outside of bag with name www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWWzA8VC7SU
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