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Commonweal Magazine Digital Media

No description

Keri Horan

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Commonweal Magazine Digital Media

iPad Facebook Commonweal Magazine Digital Production and
Social Media Marketing Overall Goal:
Meet Consumers
Where They Are Provide new services Twitter United States: 2,486
Canada: 124
United Kingdom: 95
Australia: 47
Italy: 36
Ireland: 22
France: 17
South Africa: 17 Social Media Marketing Increase revenue digital exclusive material

interactive house ads

increased traffic to website

future digital advertising revenue iPad
iPod Touch
Kindle provide direct customer service
gain real-time feedback
increase dialogue
expand global reach
drive conversion KeriLee Horan
Digital Media & Marketing Manager Production
Process Digital Publications Create brand advocates United States: 2,688
Canada: 85
United Kingdom: 56
Australia: 31
Philippines: 30
India: 20
Mexico: 18
Italy: 15 United States: 150
Canada: 6
Australia: 6
Switzerland: 6
United Kingdom: 5
Ireland: 3
New Zealand: 3
Japan: 1 Questions? Digital Production and Social Media Marketing Next Steps: Create added value

Increase Subscriptions

Appeal to advertisers
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