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Natural Capital At Risk

A brief summary of "Natural Capital at Risk: The Top 100 Externalities of Business" and an application to Zara

Max Chen

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Natural Capital At Risk

Measuring Natural Capital
Environmental costs: loss of value to people from environmental goods and services
Social costs: cost to society as a whole (i.e. economic activity)

Significance of Natural Capital in Business
Businesses aren't generating sufficient profit to cover natural resources and pollution costs
Increasing risk of doing business
Loss of sustainable competitive advantage
So What?
The global 100 environmental impacts by sector and region result in costs totaling $4.7 trillion.
Impact Ratio =
natural capital cost as a percentage of monetary output (revenue)
Impact Ratios:

Water (SE. Asia): 6.1
Water (N. Africa): 31.4
Land/Water Pollution: 3.7
1. Explore opportunities for adaptation and to improve resource efficiency, both internally and within the supply chain.
2. Evaluate options to change suppliers, sourcing location or materials, where existing suppliers are not willing to change.

"a clothing retailer owned by Inditex group, The world's largest apparel retailer"
Companies are starting to benefit from working with their suppliers to reduce risk.

Farrah Ahamad, Amanda Cassiday,
Max Chen, Richard Woodhull
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