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The House of The Scorpion - dystopian presentation

No description

Rakim Momin

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of The House of The Scorpion - dystopian presentation

The House of The Scorpions Summary The house of scorpion is about a young clone named Matt who grows up under the control of a drug lord. The drug lord is a very powerful person who runs the country of opium which is between Aztlan, formerly known as Mexico, and the US. The drug lord had cloned Matt so that he could harvest Matt's organs to keep himself alive. Insight into Conflict and Motivations of Protagonist Matt grows up in isolation with only his caretaker Celia. When he is taken to the Alacran estate, everyone treats him like an animal, and Matt has no idea why. But when El Patron arrives everyone is forced to treat Matt as a normal kid, and he is allowed to remain on the Alacran Estate, where he can get an education and learn new skills. Matt makes a few friends like Maria, and his bodyguard Tam Lin who help guide him. When Matt figures out he is a clone, he feels like he has no purpose in life, but his friends motivate him to learn everything in hopes of helping to run the opium business when he is older. Dystopian Themes Importance of Knowledge and Truth Part of the whole story Matt is trying to figure out why clones were created. Once he finds out it turns out to be a vital piece of information about the way people live now. "McGregor had created a clone so he could have transplants when he needed them"(191). Clones were created to the benefit of old people. When they need new so called "parts" clones provide the same but younger and healthier versions of what they used to have. Dystopian Themes Importance of individuality Matt is the only clone of his kind. He's the only clone with a a normal brain. Even though he is practically the same as a human he is seen as an animal to them and in the world of clones he would also be an outsider. He's an individual in every circumstance and is seen as an outsider everywhere. He is treated differently by everyone and it will always be that way. "This ones different." Benito told me. "Technicians are supposed to destroy the mind at birth-it's the law. But El Patron wanted his to grow up like a real boy"(67-68). Real World Connection In The House of the Scorpion, the country of Opium is ruled by a ruthless drug lord named El Patrón. Many countries are under the influence of continuous, illegal drug use and selling drugs. For example, there are drug cartels all over Mexico, which are becoming wealthier and more powerful. In both the real world and in the book, people are trying to escape the rough and poor living conditions that they are in. Another connection would be cloning. If doctors can clone animals, how far off are they from cloning humans? The House of the Scorpion has many elements that seem similar to modern day society. This dystopian culture is controlled by family's, who are all controlled by a main leader, El Patron. He holds all the power in the country of opium. The main character, Matt, is a clone of the leader El Patron who is using him to harvest Matt's organs. Nature of Power, Status of Individual in Society
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