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Portfolio Presentation

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Kathleen Cameron

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Portfolio Presentation

a big project
digital content creation & online storytelling
Primarily a digital artist and designer, I enjoy creating digital content from an eclectic variety of inspirations ranging from the everyday to the unusual. I like to look for an awkward perspective to present my ideas. I experiment with sound design and digital video to further the scope of the presentation of my conceptual visions. I aspire to inspire a positive force for social conscience and responsibility through creating a vision of awareness, publicly and conceptually.
kathleen cameron
Kathleen is the founder and facilitator of the Art Action Union Activist Art Collective.
The aim of this group is to:
ASPIRE TO INSPIRE a positive artistic force for social change by utilising creative skills to present a message and to get exposure for important artworks and activist artists.
Promo Vid Explaining the AAU
Video & Music Production by Kathleen Cameron
Art Action Union has approximately
on Facebook, Twitter & RedBubble alone!
online followers
art action union
online archive

view all project files at:
activist art
click to zoom
Project Synopsis
kathleen cameron
photographer | multimedia artist | writer
This local event was inspired by the “Global Arts Renaissance” project (www.abigproject.org) to mobilise artists and creativity in a single symbolic point in time (just before the Mayan Calendar suggests human change) to raise social awareness and consciousness.
By participating in a world-wide collective artistic movement involving 97 countries, this local project will become part of the stitching of a large and beautiful tapestry, one that will paint a meaningful picture to a large audience.
By embracing the underlying values of the event we can collectively explore our regional importance in the global movement of positive change and awareness.
“A Big Project” seeks to promote the message

australian artists
in milan
The Australian Forex Invasion was financially backed through an artist-led crowd funding campaign. The exhibition featured pieces by an Indigenous artist, as well as portraiture, urban and landscape pieces and digital productions, resulting in a showcase of the broad range of talent emerging in the Australian art scene.
australian artists in milan
view all project files at:
visit project websites:









incredible women
website prototype
petrie state school
140 history project
1874 - 1920s
1930s - 1940s
1950s - 1960s
video displays
140 years ago, a small committee formed by a few enthusiastic European settlers, resolved to provide an education for their children. With support from the Department of Education, pioneering residents were granted the means to establish a Provisional School at North Pine River.
The conditions of government support were dependent upon the commitment and resources the community was able to raise for their children’s academic and domestic education.
Families were scattered far and wide and a snaking and twisting river system entwined between them. Constantly bloating and flooding with the weather and the tide, a constant hazard to cross and it posed a problem for young children traveling to a single school house. For no matter which side you decided to put the school, without a bridge, many children would be at risk twice a day.
The Digital History Project aimed to provide a vast array of historical stories, collections and records to the larger community through creative new media engagement utilizing multimedia and an online digital museum.
petrie state school 140 history
view all project files at:
digital art
video production
Content creation, particularly written collateral, comes as second nature. Specifically, I have continually written web content professionally for the last 10-15 years for various creative projects, online marketing materials, events, crowd-sourcing campaigns, social media and client websites. Also, I have a sharp eye for what’s trending and can edit and curate content according to priority and/or special interest. I also love to write stories and poetry transforming words into all encompassing immersive experiences.

Follow the link to see some examples of creative writing and performance poetry:
audio production
megaherzzz | feminist community radio | 4zzz fm brisbane
'handle with care'
community arts
rapid music festival
monthly gig posters by artist, dwayne.
Kathleen partnered with Zesty Enterprises and 4zzz to aid with graphics, website hosting & content management for 'The Bunker', a monthly pop up acoustic music gig staged at Mick O'Malley's irish bar on the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. (Formerly Her Majesty's Hotel).
A monthly rotation of artists doing acoustic sets, some are pictured here.
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