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Voting in Brussels? Yes, you can!

European elections are on 25th May! If you are an EU-citizen you can cast your vote here in Brussels and vote for Belgian candidates. This Prezi explains how you can do that. More details on http://www.blbe.be/en/european-elections .

Patrick Struelens

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Voting in Brussels? Yes, you can!

EU-citizens: you can vote!
Register to vote
28th February 2014
Registration to vote is only valid if registered by 28th February 2014
Getting on the voters list
Download the form from http://goo.gl/EDr3nD
Handing in the form can mostly be done by e-mail!
Check our
registration checklist
on www.blbe.be/en/european-elections
You will receive an official confirmation in writing
Don't miss the deadline!
How do you vote?

Yes, you can!
European elections 25th May 2014
Why vote?
Because ....
your vote makes a difference
From 2014 your vote has more impact: the European parliament has more power since the Lisbon Treaty
Because ... it really is a privilege

According to The Economist
75 democracies worldwide
That's only 45%
So ... voting is a privilege
Who can vote?
EU nationals resident in Belgium
Five conditions
having at least one nationality of an EU-Member State
Registration as a resident in Belgium
registered in the national register
registered in the foreigner's register
you have a 'special identity card'
1st March 2014
18 year of age or over on 25th May
Eligible to vote
You did not lose your right to vote
or it was not revoked or suspended
either in Belgium or abroad
to vote!
You need to register as a voter
with your commune
at the latest by
28 February 2014
Only people who are on the
voters list
can vote
EU-citizens need to register explicitly with their
Registration: 3 steps
1. Download the registration form
2. Complete it
3. Hand in to your commune

1. Consult your invitation to vote
2. Go to the voting centre
make sure to bring the invitation and your identity card
mostly in schools
give your identity card to the voting committee
receive a magnetic card
3. Vote!
1. Put your voting card
into the machine
Unable to go and vote?

you are ill
for professional reasons
you are traveling abroad
You are unable to vote?
Hand in a proxy
more information on
call the Europe.Brussels Liaison Office
on 02 280 00 80
or email us on blbe@blbe.be
mostly electronically
exceptionally by paper
2. Cast your vote using the electronic pen
3. Put your card
in the voting ballot
Voting is obligatory in Belgium, once registered
You will need to hand in a proxy before hand at your commune
Download the proxy from http://www.ibz.rrn.fgov.be/index.php?id=3279
You will receive an invitation to vote two or three weeks before hand
You will find the necessary information on the invitation
opening hours
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