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Air pollution endangers biodiversity

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on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Air pollution endangers biodiversity

by: Hailey
Rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans ca be harmed by pollutants.
Water pollution endangers biodiversity
Duwamish River suffers from water pollution because over 600 million gallons waste and storm water is drained off into the river. Bacteria and chemicals contaminate the water. Fish are killed and humans are at risk.
The entire food web is affected if aquatic animals are exposed to water pollution. Birds won't get food so they die or move to a new habitat.
There are many types of water pollution like:
Toxic Substance-a chemical pollutant that doesnt naturally accour in aquatic places.
Organic Substance-occours when an excess of organic matter enters the water. When it increases, decomposers increase.
Thermal Pollution-occours when water used as coolants near power and industrial plants.
More facts
When rained washed soil gets into streams it can kill little animals and fish eggs.
Nutrients cause problems in lakes and ponds when its often from fertilizers
Bacteria thats from sewage spills can pollute fresh and salt water.

Last Facts
Humans cause water pollution and different sources add to the pollution.
Changes in behaior or growth shows that the water that fish live in is polluted.
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