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Who are the IT Geeks?

No description

IT Geeks

on 8 June 2018

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Transcript of Who are the IT Geeks?

Follow us!
Wi-Fi and ResNet (Mobile devices, PCs, and entertainment devices)
OneDrive and Google Drive
Free softawre: Office, Symentec Endpoint Protection, Malewarebytes, and ReadWrite Gold
Blackbaord LMS
EKU Direct Student Portal
Computer Labs
Wi-Fi & ResNet (mobile devices, PCs, and entertainment devices)
OneDrive and Google Drive
Free software: Office, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Malwarebytes, and ReadWrite Gold
Cloud Printing
Blackboard LMS
EKU Direct Student Portal
Computer Labs
The IT Geeks
We are IT support for fellow EKU students
We are free
We enjoy technology & helping others!
We are here to help!
Our Mission
To promote EKU student growth and achievement, now and in the future, by providing access to emerging and essential technology resources and support.
Emerging Technology
Design Thinking
Virtual Reality (VR) - Oculus Rift
3D Printing
Cloud Computing
Mobile Computing
Wearable Technology
Mac PCs with Adobe Creative Suite
Wacom tablet for editing
Audio recording
Green screen
Collaboration space
Professional headshots
Lamination station
Windows and Apple PCs
Tablets (iPads and Surfaces)
Projectors & Screens
Camcorders, Cameras, & Tripods
Conversion Cables
Selfie Stick
Google Cardboards & other VR headsets
Game systems & games

Real Time Collaboration @ EKU!
From anywhere...at any time...on any device. Work on files together without having to email documents back and forth.

G Suite for Education
Google Drive
Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides)
Google Classroom
Microsoft Office 365 for Education
Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Electronics Recycling
We will recycle student electronics to help keep these things out of the landfills and contaminating the environment:

PCs-desktops, laptops, tablets
Flat screen monitors
Hand held devices/phones
Printer cartridges
Cables & Cords
Media devices: Blu-ray, Roku
Media storage-disks, USB drives
Other small electronics
Free Software for Students
We help students install software and drivers, including what EKU offers students for free:
Symantec Endpoint Protection Antivirus
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Office 365
Cloud Printing Drivers
Read&Write Gold - accessibility and literacy software
+Tech Tutoring
We offer on-demand training to enhance pedagogy and learing on many topics, including:

Technology Basics @ EKU
Emerging Technology
Digital Photography
Adobe Creative Suite
Identity Security
Office 2016 Basics
And we help with
so much more!
Internet connection help on any device
Virus & Malware cleanup
Basic hardware and software troubleshooting
Data recovery
Computer labs
Assistance with other EKU IT resources: Email, Blackboard, EKU Direct
We are the
IT Geeks!
We are IT support for EKU students!
We are free!
We enjoy technology & helping others!
We are here to help!
Contact Details:
Email: geeks@eku.edu | Web: geeks.eku.edu | (859) 622-GEEK |

Follow US!
Our Locations
Roark 2nd Floor
Tech Commons
Crabbe Library Atrium
We consist of majors from every college at EKU!
We are makers and creative thinkers and we enjoy technology & helping others!
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