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Devendra Banhart

Musician and Artist

Conor McNamara

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Devendra Banhart

"Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon" cover art. Devendra Banhart I chose Devendra because I have been
listening to his music for a few years,
and I love the cover art for his albums,
so when I found out he was drawing
them I got hooked about a year ago. This is one piece from the album "What Will We Be".
Devendra's process of songwriting began when he was
younger, when he'd draw pictures on the back of pages in his songbook to get through frustration and work through kinks in his songs. Inevitably, Devendra's songs related directly to his artwork, and almost narrated stories behind each drawing. Out of the 8 Devendra albums, he's done the art for 7. Devendra was born in Houston, TX on May 30, 1981 to an American father and Venezuelan mother who divorced two years after his birth. Devendra was then brought to Carcas, Venezuela and raised there, until his mother remarried, and the stepfather moved them to Los Angeles, California when he was 14. From then on Devendra took focus on art and music, except for a brief phase where all he cared about was reggae, girls, and skateboarding. He eventually was awarded a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute, but quickly began skipping class and busking, playing music on the streets instead, because he didn't like the structure of art school. While in San Franciso, he befriended a lot of artists and others like him. While selling demo's of his music, he was approached by the wife of a producer with an offer, and so his acoustic music career slowly began. This gave him the opportunity to get back into art and share it with the world once again. In the past decade his drawings have been featured in numerous art gallery's nationally, especially in the San Franciso Museum of Art. He also did a gallery in Spain at the ARCOmadrid. Devendra's style consists of imagination and
the weird. He uses lots of patterns in his art
which could possibly resemble his beliefs
such as reincarnation, which he suttely
mentions in numerous songs of his. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devendra_Banhart http://www.fastcompany.com/1575990/devendra-banhart-art-and-music http://www.splendidezine.com/features/devendra/ Works Cited Google Image
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