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The Nine Dilemmas Leaders Face

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Shine Santos

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of The Nine Dilemmas Leaders Face

Background of Research:
- A couple of years ago, an opportunity to define the dilemmas of management presented itself when Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce decided to build an Edenic leadership center for its managers and employees.

- To create a mission and a curriculum for the center, Saint-Onge interviewed CIBC's 27 most senior executives, one on one. He asked each of them five open-ended questions:

What factors in the business environment most affect CIBC's leaders?
What cultural changes does the bank need to be more successful?
What organizational capabilities does it need to build?
What are the most pressing management-development needs?
What features should leadership-center programs include?

- Darling and Saint-Onge define their mission. But there was more: The pages upon pages of notes made for an unusual chance to learn how leaders think and what they think about.

- When he was done, he found nine "core leadership dilemmas.
The Nine Dilemmas
What do you do with them?
Managing dilemmas is what you do.
By: Shanaryza Santos
1. To identifies the “Dilemmas Leaders Face” base on the research conducted by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce;

2. To be able to identify what dillemas your own organization face; and

3. To find a solution when face with a dilemmas.
1. Broad-based leadership vs. high-visibility leader
2. Independence vs. interdependence
3. Long term vs. short term
4. Creativity vs. discipline
5. Trust vs. change
6. Bureaucracy busting vs. economies of scale
7. People vs. productivity
8. Leadership vs. capability
9. Revenue growth vs. cost containment
1.Identify the dilemmas
2.Identify your organization’s goal
3.Emerges from polarities and ambiguities

“The hardest job a leader has is to navigate among often conflicting goals. Identify them first, and you can steer a winning course.”


Thank you!
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