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autobiography scrapbook

descriptive my life

Jie Bao

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of autobiography scrapbook

----My autobiography
Grow up is a matter for regret.
I am born in September, 1994, ShanXi, China.
My parents gave me a name, Bao Jie. In Chinese,
Jie is means good news.
I think my best school day is when I study in the junior high school. Because I had my best friend and the very good marks. At that time, the classes are not very difficult. I can handle it easily. But now, in Canada, the courses are a little difficult for me because the language. Although it is toilsome to study well on every course, I learn many things which are I cannot learn in Chinese school. For instance, in Chinese high school, we have no business lesson, but now, I have business leadership in next term.

The God makes everyone disinterested. I got something, at the same time, I lost something. If I do not go abroad, I were prepare for the college entrance examination. I were study Chinese, Math, English, Biophysical, Chemistry, Geography, History and Politics. If I am still there, it will become the only period which I have a richest fund knowledge.

In spite of miss the college entrance examination is so regret, but I can got the chance of learning the knowledge which is I never involved. And then, I need to study intensively one aspect of the knowledge, instead of learning everything. It is different than before. Five years later, maybe I will finished my academic career. Actually, five years is soon pass away, I can treasure the school life.
Golden School Days.
I Like You, I Like You not.
I Want to Change the world.
Personal news report in 2028:
My name is Sarah, now I am working in France.

I have a dream when I am young. I want to become a fashion designer. I hope all of the people upon world, will like my design.

In my plane, I am learning painting from 13 years old. And 6 years later, when I was 18, I had finished my high school life and was matriculated in a school of dress design. And though the study, I will give Clothing design company my design, and learn from them to criticism. And then I can improve myself. One day, I can be a famous designer and give the world a little change.

But now, I am in Canada. I will be study business. I am go farther and farther with my dream. Although my dream still is to become a world-class designer. if I can, I need to say,"sorry, I do not to be the kind of person which you want to be. " to I did before. But in fact, my dream is still here, never leave, never grown thin. I am still here, not compromise, not dare the ordinary. Just I am not strong enough. I will achieve my dream, when I am strong.
----- From Sarah's Diary
Even now, I graduated one and a half decades years from high school, I become the famous designer in France, everybody knows me and many people love my design. In the other word, I achieve my dream already. And now if I can talk with I which is I did before,"I already become the kind of person which you want to be."

For the future, my goal is though my way to change world, planting trees for earth and building the school for the uneducated children. Because make my country to change the bad appearance is my continual dream.
HELP! I Need Someone!
I am Me
I Love It!
The happiest day
by -- Sarah
I have a dream.
My Timeline
I went to primary school, and started my student life.
High school is beginning.
I went to Canada, and started my life of studying abroad.
I like to many things, such as, travel, cate, movie, novel, comic, painting, etc. I often listening to music to enjoy my free time. Reading and watching movies are other way to entertain.
travel on the way
listening to music
Different strokes for different folks. So different people have different types of people who admire or dislike.

For me, If she or he are kind, friendly or other good quality, I can make friend with she or he. But if somebody are jealous, wicked or other bad quality, I will be dislike them or hate them. Because if some people have bad thing, they might to do bad thing.
I remember when I am young, I always heard the desertification of land is serious in our country and many children have gone uneducated. So a idea is appear. I want to plant the tree in the northwest of china and build the school for those children. I think there are serious work. In order to achieve this two plan, I need earn many money to make sure my family's life and invest to my plane.
I think grow up is a matter for regret.
It makes me lost my dream, lost my pure, lost my innocent. It makes me learn how to pretend myself, how to hide myself.
I am born in September, ShanXi, China.
I Want to be Me
You can see the two people on the left, they all my best friend. First one is my senior high school classmate, Yan, we always talking about our mind, about everything. In the way, We almost have no secret. The second one is my junior high school classmate, Li. Until now, we make friends for 6 years. We are together everyday, I can tell her everything and she will help me to do a problem or enlightened me. And the other boy,I have no photos about he, is my best friend too. When I am 3 years old, we know each other. Of course, my mother told me this. He is one year older than me, so he always like a big brother. He help me too much. For instance, when I was confront with senior high school entrance examination, I was nervous and fretted, he talked to me when I had the free time and encouraged me. He help me to though the difficult time. They all are important people in my life.
when i am a baby
when i am a child
the photo was taken by 2008
In the life, there are many things can make person feel happiest.

It is same to me. A recent experience is when I got my vise. From when I am going to go abroad to I decided, I only spent a few months. But a knotty problem are happened. Because at that time, the London Olympic games was underway. Many visa officials went to watch the game. I was wait until the game is over. But I still do not got my visa. Intermediary told me visa officials were strike. But whether or no it is true remains a question. I only know I do not got my visa is true. When I forlorn of all hope, my mother told me that intermediary got my visa already. I jumped for joy. Though is not my original intention but I wait for a long time. So I think this is my happiest time.
I am a unique person, unlike all others. My individuality is dynamic and static. When I stay with my familiar people, I am alive. But when I am stay with unfamiliar people, I always gentle and quiet. It is means deliberate in counsel, prompt in action. And the moods are often changeful, I think I am a emotional person. Like the sky of June, sometimes is rainy and sometimes is clear day. Of course I also have some shortcoming. laziness is my pet aversion. Like a little pig, my mother said that. In fact, I try to change this for a long time. But it is too difficult. I still try to correct my bad habits. Because I always believe a word, if you do not build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. And lazy is the stumbling block on the way to achieve dream. I firmly believe if I am effort enough, I can achieve my dream. Like a Christians believe in God and Jesus.
Thanks for teaching me how to grow up.
The life floats as people grow up. Life is gradually passed, so grow up is not occurrence in a moment. It is a progressive changes. Time quickly passed by without our knowing, it thereby I am grow up. In this process, many people, many things give me help. There were many people such as this in my life. I will write three events which are help me to grow up.

In my memory, the first event can make ma grow up is go to primary school. It is the first I went to a big group. Before this, I alway stay home and reading books, painting, or practicing Chinese Calligraphy. And father, mother and grandparents is the daily contact with people who fixed. It is almost my whole life. I rarely have opportunity to communicate with other. I have to said I am an introvert person when I am young. But when I went to the school, I learned many things. Like how to get along with people, how can I be active performance a team work, how to observed the rules, make myself unlike Stargirl. Maybe it is the first step on the way to grow up.

The second event, I think it must about my boy friend. In China, I have a boy friend when I am 16 years old is too early. But I have one. Although teachers and parents both want stop us, we have no change. One reason is that people alway go against what is a forbid. And other reason, I think we all failing in the love. Though we are young. When I was with him, I had rather a out of the ordinary time. This is the first I feel we are together. When I think about everything, I will put we two together. This is the first time I figure the situation to ourselves. It is a wonderful feeling. And he make me look to the future. I have a plan for our’s life. He gives me a big change. I cast off many trifling offenses. I learn to care for others. I learn to set a goal for the future. That is all are because he. He gives my life a great change. Although we are not together already, but he is always in my life. He makes me have a big step in my life.

I think go abroad is the most important turning point in my life. It is totally change my life. Before I go abroad, I have no chance to experience something like now I facing. For example, I must leave far away from my home, my parents, my family. This is first time I have to left home for more than eleven months. It makes me learn many things which can make me more mature. I need to learn left alone, no one will look after me as much as parents. And I must to do every good thing of my own free will. Because no one will remind me what should I do. I think maybe it is the most important turning in all my life.

Although I only 18 years old, I have to say, I experienced many thing makes me to be mature. But I do not think it is enough, I want traveling by myself and have a job before I graduate. This is the fervent wish for me. In especial traveling, it can make me learn many things from human landscape and history. And have a job is other experience to let me became mature.Those are good experience for my grow up.
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