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Civil War Battle Of Gettysburg

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Taylor Joy

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Civil War Battle Of Gettysburg

Battle Of Gettysburg
Interesting Facts about the war.
The Battle Of Gettysburg was the most important battle in the civil war and also the most bloodiest. Before the battle there was 93,921 soldiers for the union and 71,699 for the confederates. Add that up it 165,620 men in total.
This is where the battle took place.
It started July 1st and ended July 3rd 1863. During the war the Union soldiers ripped up the American Flag and put it some where on there uniform so if they where to lose the flag couldn't be surrendered
Day one of the Battle.
On July 1st some confederate infantry headed to Gettysburg. They came in north side of the town and ran into some union cavalry. The union commander Maj. Gen. George G. Meade recognizing the importance of holding Gettysburg because of all the roads converging there.
Day 2 of the battle.
This day was the day of Hancock's Bayonets charge. One of his many charges his most famous one was when he was colonel and he said "You See those colors? (Pointing at the Confederate's flag) Then take them!"
The blue is the Union and the red is the Confederates.
What Military Groups looked like.
This is all the military Groups.From Regiment to the army.
Day 3.
General George. Mead's Union Army was holding there position on top of Cemetery Hill. Gen. George E. Pickett's three Virginia brigades spearheaded the assault. They where fresh soldiers having not taken part in day one or day two.Lee said in his report "The conduct of the troops was all that I could desire or expect, they deserve success so far as it can be deserved by heroic valor and fortitude."
The Headquarters in Gettysburg.
This normal farm house became the Unions after the first day to became a headquarters which is where the go over their battle plans.
After the battle.
This is a picture of the mayor and his wife and kids after the first anniversary of Gettysburg. This year would be the 150th anniversary of the battle on July 3rd so.
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