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User Adoption Story [Japanese] [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of User Adoption Story [Japanese] [Shared]

Reach New Knowledge Heights
with SAP Learning Hub powered by
SAP Education

The Power of Visualisation
What have Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger in common?
The truth is, if you can’t picture yourself achieving a goal, chances are you won’t.
Lack of Skills
The degree of workplace complexity increases every day
Cloud is driving major changes on learning and adoption approaches
User enablement can often slip down the priority list.
Without a dedicated training plan at point of need with the right content, the current skills gap will grow
Source: Matt Mayberry, Maximum Performance Strategist
SAP Learning Hub
Extend / Innovate
Engagement Foundation
Scale & Innovate
Nearly 3,000 course handbooks
Over 1,000 interactive e-learning courses
Over 900 learning maps and programs that deliver the Early Knowledge Transfer program
with SAP Learning Rooms
+70 Learning Rooms
moderated by SAP experts
Structured Learning Path
with SAP Live Access
access to 120+ preconfigured SAP Live Training systems
available in 20-hour blocks that last for 30 days
as a stamp of quality
Exam preparation for SAP software certification including SAP Cloud Certifications
Lejla Seperovic
Head of Business Development, SAP Education APJ
@LejlaTango lejla.seperovic@sap.com 
© 2015 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.
Thank you
Lawrence Jelley
COO, SAP Education, Asia Pacific Japan
© 2015 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved.
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