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How did you use media technologies in the construction and r

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Matt Lendon

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of How did you use media technologies in the construction and r

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For posting my work I used Wordpress to create a website in which I regularly posted my work on. When creating my wordpress had to choose a theme and in which my work would come out on. I would use wordpress regularly to check and post my work and make changes on it.
The Camera
When planning my work I created tests shots using different cameras to get different shots and to practice on shots for when I did my actual thing. The cameras I used were cannon. These were then the same camera's i us when creating the actual thing. This was perfect because the test shots allowed me to practice and get used to the camera's and how they work.
The lighting equipment I also used along side the camera's. The lighting was one individual white light to help brighten up the face of the interviewees and make the shots look a lot more clearer on the videos.
Using final cut pro came with many difficulties for example syncing the voice over with the video footage. I had to do this because when I was filming I had to record the sound with an IPhone as the recording mic was not working. Another difficulty that I overcame was making sure all the fades were perfectly timed as this was essential to my documentary.
I used media technologies for my research as firstly when I was researching documentaries that I could analyze and learn techniques from for my own. I used it to create a voice over for an analysis; the technology I used for this was final cut pro.
Time Lapse
To film the time lapse in the documentary I again used an IPhone 6 to film it. This was simple as it was just a case of changing the settings on the video app. I then just lent it up against a fence to film it from low down. To get it on the computer i simply just emailed it to myself.
To create my final ancillary pieces I used Adobe Photoshop on my Apple MacBook air. Photoshop is a very handy and quick and easy way to edit photos and create posters. It has all the different techniques to help you edit it to the best quality, it also has a very broad range of colors to choose from for fonts and backgrounds.
Media Technologies
For my evaluations i used two different media forms to present it. The first one i used was a prezi in which i created two of. This was as simple as going online and creating it. The second one is a slide share in which i created a power point on two of the questions.
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