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Gilded Age and Progressive Area

Graphic Organizer American History Assessment

Kellen Steagall

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Gilded Age and Progressive Area

Constitutional Reform The Gilded Age and Progressive Era The Gilded Age was a time in American History
when American industry boomed and the country
was greatly expanded while beneath the surface
the workers suffered and minorities were hurt by
the growth of the majority. The Progressive Era came afterward and brought a solution to all of
these problems. Three areas of reform
sprang up from the Gilded Age into the Progressive Age which included Political Reform, Constitutional Reform, and
Social Reform. Political Reform Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Recall Election Incompetent or
unfair officials
were served out
their full terms
while the voters
suffered. Recall elections
allowed citizens
to petition for a
reelection and
chance for new
leadership earlier. Direct Primary Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Senators were
elected by the people,
but then they would
select and then elect
the next president,
giving the voters a
false sense of choice. Direct Primaries
were brought about
to allow the people
to select who runs for the presidency. Referendum Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Some counties
were not were
unhappy with
some of the
legislation being
passed down to
them, but couldn't
do anything about it. Referendum made it
so that if one county
did not like a piece
of legislation, they
could force a state
wide vote on the
subject. Initiative Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Sometimes it
could take too
long for legislature
to come up with a
law that the citizens
saw as needed and
that would not be
soon brought up by
their representatives. Initiative was a new
way for citizens to be
able to take matters
into their own hands
and allows petitions
to start the law making
process and give the
community another
voice in government. 16th Amendment Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution In the beginning of the
nation, the country
depended upon other
countries for goods so
the government made
money off of tariffs,
but when America
became the leading
manufacturer the tariffs
stopped and a new
income source was needed. The 16th Amendment
created a national income
takes to sustain the govern-
ment's funds in replacement
of the former tariff system. 17th Amendment Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Senators were
selected by
state legislatures,
leaving citizens
out of another piece
of government. The 17th Amen-
ment created the
direct election of
senators by the
people, giving us
more say in our
government. 18th Amendment Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution During the Gilded Age,
many church groups and
other associations saw
the evils that alcohol
presents in society and
how it could destroy a
family so they decided
to do something about it. Prohibition was passed
as an amendment to
end the sale of alcohol
in hopes of creating a
better country. This
solution to a less
prominent problem was
later repealed, but did
succeed in reducing
alcoholism by %50. Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution 19th Amendment The problem during the
Gilded Age was obvious
as before women could
vote, only half of the
country could vote, this
was a huge problem. The 19th amendment came
after years of women like Susan B. Anthony fighting for
their right to vote. Woman's suffrage was a long sought for and important change to
the constitution that brought equality one step closer for all. Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Workman's Comp Social Reform During the Gilded Age,
many of the factory
jobs had little safety
regulations and when
a worker got hurt and
couldn't work, his family
would be forced to fill
in for him to provide. Workman's Comp
created means for
providing for an
injured worker's
family by forcing
companies to pay
for loss of limb or
inhabilitating injury. Meat Inspection Act Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution During the Gilded Age,
many services, typically
manufacturing related,
were poorly maintained
and the quality of the
goods plummeted with-
out the public knowing The Progressive age brought about a change
in how things are made
as books like "The Jungle" brought these things to the public's attention and led to reform like the Meat Inspection Act. Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution Pure Food/Drug Act Before the
Progressive Age, companies did not
have to disclose
what was in their product. People began to pay more attention to what they bought and consumed as
details on the quality of Gilded Age products
surface, bringing
about Acts that gave
people more insight
into what they buy.
Gilded Age = Progressive Era
Problem Solution NCAA Creation The collegiate level
athletic leagues
were weltered as
rules from one game
to another lacked
continuity and caused
a great hassle. Theodore Roosevelt
created the NCAA to regulate rules for
college sports and
prevent any unfairness
or issue with rules.
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